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So there’s a mining culture in Australia, right? And there are jobs that pay really good money? And there’s some woman called Gina Rhinehart? Yeah that sounds about right – the basic knowledge of most Australians on working in the mines. They are faraway lands of deep holes in the ground, where trucks are the size of houses, and so are pay checks. It’s fly in, fly out work, and there’s very little else to do while you’re on site. But there are plenty of other things you might not know about the mining jobs of Australia, and for the sake of both curiosity and basic understanding, we’re going to fill you in on some of them. Mining jobs are fast becoming some of the best paid, high demand industries, and I personally think it’s good to know why. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about mining jobs…

Mining countries are isolated

Sounds obvious, but not many people realise to what extent. The deserted, hot climates and rural areas you’re required to work in for mining jobs can sometimes get the better of you. With no shops, bars, restaurants or entertainment facilities, you’ll be stuck in a mining camp with fellow employees. The forced savings that comes out of it is fantastic – you can’t spend money so it just piles up – but a lack of social life outside of work can sometimes be a bit dull.

mining jobs

Mining jobs aren’t all in the mines

Crazy thought, isn’t it, but there are in fact a lot of other jobs that are needed for a successful industry. Everything from IT jobs, chefs, doctors, accountants and counselling are incorporated under the mining jobs umbrella. The sites are basically their own community, with all facets of a regular town required to run smoothly. Of course, there are more engineering style mining jobs than any other, and these jobs require things like Excavator Loader Hire in Perth. The weight of the mining machines alone exceed 30, 000 kg, and make your house look tiny. The boys (and girls, I’m sure) over at Equiprent operate a business that both rents and sells these beasts of machines to mining jobs across Australia, including mining, mining infrastructure, road construction, tailing dams, overburden cut backs and ROM feed operations.

No rest for the wicked

Mining jobs involve shifts of around 12 hours, with rosters that alternate days on and off for maximum performance. While workers often will get rosters of 10 to 14 consecutive days, with some days off between shifts, the actual mining industry never stops. Operations continue night and day, and workers with either day or night shifts keep the money-makers churning. The remote location of the mining operations requires some miners to remain in the mining camp for months before going back home.

No girls allowed

Women might not be typically thought of when you think of mining jobs, but believe me, they’re out there. Women still, however, only make up 20% of the mining jobs in Australia. Although many women now work in traditionally male roles, such as drilling and truck driving, employment opportunities are abundant in all fields. Yes, that’s right, even women get to drive those heavyweight vehicles traditionally reserved just for the boys. And with Construction Equipment Hire companies keeping the supply of these machines high, girls have just as much opportunity as the guys.

mining jobs

Flexible mining jobs

Yes, in fact, rosters and lifestyles are all factors when planning a career in mining jobs. People who enjoy living on the mine can more easily tolerate long rosters, but if you’re a parent who needs to spend quality time with your children, rosters like an 8 days on, 8 days off, is the perfect balance. On top of that, to encourage more women to apply for mining jobs, facilities such as on-site childcare and extended maternity leave are available. There are also couples on-site housing for partners to maintain their relationship whilst earning the big bucks.

So whether you realised or not, mining jobs are very different from ordinary jobs. They operate in distant, remote places, with very little to do besides work, sleep and eat. They involve heavy, dangerous machinery and equipment, and pay well to compensate for these dangers. But just like any other workplace, they value gender equality, family life and a strong work ethic. Mining jobs might seem foreign to anyone who’s never experienced it, but as those in the industry say, once you start mining, its very hard to stop.

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