You wake up, you shower, you don a suit, you shovel down some burnt toast. You run for the train, you sit and watch the stations flash past, you alight and tread a familiar path to the office. Sometimes, working in the corporate world can be monotonous. Sure, it’s great to earn a salary. But there’s something about the intangibility of numbers on a smartphone screen that can be a little bit unrewarding.

Christmas represents a great opportunity to break the cycle, and re-evaluate your attitude towards work. In the run-up to Christmas, we try to make sense of the rapid advancement of time (it was July yesterday, I swear!), and find something tangible to convey the benchmarks and goals we’ve met through the year. There are a few things you can do – as an employee, or an employer – to make the festive season special for those you work with.

Decorating the office

Just like in the home, Christmas in the office just doesn’t feel quite as present without a few key elements. Erecting a tree, some tinsel, and a string of fairy lights around your workplace will help get everybody – even the local grinch – into the festive spirit. Consider appointing a special team well in advance to oversee budgetary concerns, placing decorations, and – shudder – packing up once it’s all over. For added festive joy, pumping Christmas carols through the office is one option. But beware: after more than a handful of plays of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘, someone’s likely to run riot.corporate-christmas-tree

Exchanging Gifts

Whether you engage in Secret Santa, or a more direct form of gift-giving, this is one sure-fire means of provoking bonding and affection within the office. Placing gifts under the office Christmas tree will help build anticipation around the forthcoming flurry of wrapping paper. If you’re organising this aspect of office festivities, be sure to establish some guidelines in terms of cost, gift ideas, and just what sorts of presents are off-limits.

The Awards

As the festive spirit begins to set in, a sense of reflection will likely also begin to be present in the office. You’ll notice yourself looking back on the results of your work over the last twelve months, and thinking about how you can improve over the next calendar year. If your boss is particularly lovely, he or she might consider distributing corporate awards, trophies, and plaques to those workers who have gone above and beyond in their efforts and achievements. This is a great way of motivating staff for the future, and of fostering a culture of mutual respect in the workplace. To go even further with this positive reinforcement, consider options like Noble Awards in Sydney. They conduct charitable programs to benefit those less fortunate – something that should always be kept in mind over the festive season.

The Office Christmas Party

Always a highlight for most every office, the annual Christmas Party is a mixture of booze, bad karaoke, and antiquated dance moves. It’s in settings like these that your HR manager might reveal her impressive knowledge of the Nutbush, and with your quietest colleague allowing you a glimpse of his incredible secret talent: juggling baubles. It might be a good idea to combine your end-of year Employee awards ceremony with this communal yuletide celebration, to heighten the celebratory mood even further. If it’s your first time attending a corporate Christmas party, you’re in for a treat. Take these words of advice to heart: don’t do anything you wouldn’t do sober!

The Christmas Bonus

Earlier in this piece, money was viewed with cold disdain. Something intangible and unfulfilling. But, in reality, workers who’d refuse a festive bonus – either on a screen, or in the form of a giant novelty cheque – would be few and far between. So cross your fingers, and hope that your boss is generous!

There are so many other ways to make your corporate Christmas special and memorable. Whatever approach your office takes, enjoy the frivolities, and the excessive consumption of food and drink.

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