No matter what age you are, tertiary education can be a great way to enhance the mind and challenge your sense of direction. Adult education is becoming more common in Australia, with older graduates (anywhere from thirty to seventy) opting into a vast array of post-graduate courses. Often the best way to re-shape your career path, university and tertiary studies can help kick start a new transition at any of life’s many stages.

For those thinking about tertiary or university studies, here are a few tips to help you chart the course…

Be honest and open about your passions. The best advice is simply to do what you love. If you’re passionate and whole hearted about the subject of your studies, then you’ll be at the head of the pack! If you passion doesn’t seem too practical, don’t let that stop you. The world needs broadly educated people, and you’ll be surprised which skill sets appeal to potential employers. So be honest about what thrills you, and follow that lead…

Figure out your finances. University and other tertiary qualifications can get expensive, so make sure you’re aware of the total costs of your degree. If you need to start a savings account specifically for the purposes of your education, start today! There are also plenty of other hidden costs associated with education (books, registration fees etc.) so allow for extra expenses around the beginning of the semester.

Attend information sessions. Most Universities and TAFEs hold open days and other information sessions in the lead up to the semester’s registration deadlines. Attending these sessions will provide you with more information about available courses, attendance schedules and fees. It also gives you the chance to interact with the administrative staff and ask any relevant questions of them. There’s plenty on offer, so be sure to take advantage of these showcases.

If you’re thinking about tertiary education, it’s worth taking the time to consider your options and the nature of the road ahead. With these suggestions in mind, you’ll be sure to make the right decision.

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