Defence jobs offer exciting opportunities for young Australians looking to get fit, learn a huge range of specialist skills and represent their country. A position in the Australian Defence Force will be sure to challenge you to the utmost of your limits, providing one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers around.


The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) offers positions for people wanting to complete an exciting gap year between school and university or those wanting to complete military training alongside their university study. You can complete a three year Bachelor’s degree in either Arts, Business, Engineering, Technology or Science at one of the most prestigious universities in the country, UNSW. You can do this whilst simultaneously completing Academic and Military Education and Training (AMET) as well as Single Service Training (SST) with ADF. You can even get sponsored by the ADFA so that not only are you earning an income throughout your degree but your degree could also be largely paid for!


There are a huge range of specialisation areas within the army defence force ranging from aviation to combat and security to business and administration. The Australian Army is one of the world’s most cutting-edge military forces. The military is constantly keeping up to date with the most recent developments and changes in military service, ensuring that you are equipped with the most relevant and useful skills. In the last few years this has meant a larger focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations all around the globe.


The navy allows you to immerse yourself in world events, and a life at sea will constantly keep you on your toes to ensure the maintenance, protection and navigation of the ship. Being part of the navy allows to see both Australia and the rest of the world. The high-class training provided by the Australian Navy Defence Force in sailor, submarine and/or officer training will make you an adept navy officer or sailor able to complete any challenging task thrown at you throughout the duration of your service.

Air Force

Having experience in aviation or engineering would hold you in good stead for a position in the Australian Air Force, yet they also require specialists in healthcare, combat, business and hospitality just like any other field. Working for the Air Force would give you a truly unique and thrilling job that allows you to travel, play sports and recreations, develop bonds and friendships and uphold the highly respected traditions and values of the Royal Australian Air Force introduced back in 1921.

Criteria and Requirements

Attaining a job with the Australian Defence Force is an applicable profession for almost anyone throughout Australia. Both men and women apply, of all ranges from 17 years and up. You obviously have to be relatively strong and fit to pass the fairly competitive recruitment tests and you have a strong commitment to maintaining high ethics. You also must have the appropriate behaviour and attitude, be well-groomed and be an Australian Citizen. It is also a requirement that you pass a drug test and you will usually have to undergo an Australian Federal Police Check as well. It is essential before working for the Australian Government and representing the nation that any potential defence force personnel pass Australian Police Clearance Checks, like those conducted by the National Crime Check.

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