With National Mental Health Week already underway (it officially runs from the 5th to the 11th of October), the analysts over at Roy Morgan have decided to release a report addressing mental health related issues. As almost half of all working Australians listed the workplace as a chief cause of stress, it’s worth understanding the root causes of this silent (but deadly) illness.

The profession which has been singled out as the single most stressful is perhaps not what you would think it is. Sales support workers, entrusted with administrative corporate duties, suffered depression an alarming rate, with over 48 percent of survey respondents reporting current incidences of stress in the workplace.

Hospitality workers, with their long hours and rigorously physical routines, placed second on the list, with thirty eight percent of respondent identifying themselves as stressed. Legal and welfare professionals took the honour of third place (35%), while aides, carers and health and welfare support workers rounded out the top five.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, group account director at Roy Morgan Angela Smith noted that the statistics for the top five most stressful jobs were likely swayed by other factors, including age: “Both professions are in constant contact with an often-demanding public, and are not generally well paid. Furthermore, people employed in these professions are frequently young — and our data indicates that 18-24-year-olds are more likely than any other age group to be affected by stress.”

The survey also identified the least stressful jobs in the Australian marketplace: skilled animal and horticultural professionals. Less than seven percent of those working in the industries reported work-related stress. “It appears that working with animals or plants is one way of avoiding stress, as is retirement,” Ms. Smith added jokingly.

If this article has brought up any work-related stress (or any other mental health related issues), remember to get in touch with the folks over at Lifeline (on 13 11 14) or Beyond Blue (on 1300 22 4636). One simple phone call can make all the difference!

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