If you’re driving along South Australia’s new Urban Superhighway spare a thought for the incredible technology that has gone into its building. The 800 million dollar project required three kilometres of elevated freeway – and this posed a significant challenge to builders.

Gigantic steel rods are still used as a base structure around which the span is built; but the elements used in the construction are – these days – at the cutting edge of engineering technology.

Bluey Technology were called upon to design and create an epoxy used to cover and connect the massive 33-160x160bitumen slabs. The epoxy must be incredibly strong, capable of withstanding unimaginable loads, and flexible enough to absorb the constant jolting of cars and occasional shifts in the ground.

BluRez Epoxy 575 CG was born in a lab. Some of the most brilliant compound engineers in the country have spent years developing this epoxy. They were given very definite goals of strength, flexibility, and endurance. Furthermore, if the epoxy is to be any use it had to be manageable. The technical term is thixotropic. It refers to the shear thinning properties of a substance – how long it takes to return to its original state of viscosity (thickness) after being agitated (imagine cement hardening).

The BluRez Epoxy 575 CG is much lighter, stronger, longer lasting and flexible than cement. It was chosen by1-160x160 the engineers in charge of the project because it is safer and more reliable. It spreads easily and then sets with a permanence able to withstand predicted amounts of traffic. And don’t worry, the traffic predictions have been hugely over-estimated. Any forward thinking government has to build in the expectation of more and larger vehicles as the years go by.

So when you are driving along the new Urban Superhighway don’t just look at the superb scenery. Take a look at the road beneath your wheels and wonder at the incredible technology that goes into the things we take for granted.

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