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For anyone working in an office, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The cubicles are small and lack fresh air, the decor is grey, grey and more grey, and you can’t seem to find the motivation to keep going. You know exactly what you need – a better working environment. Well, duh, anyone could’ve told you that, right? But what I mean is, you need to liven it up, make it more interesting, find some office pick-me-ups to get you through the day. Forbes contributor Seth Porges wrote an article about how to liven up the office. In his introduction, he detailed the most amazing office set up that simply made him want to work. It had a fully-stocked whiskey bar, candy galore, and vintage leather couches. And upon walking in, Porges just wanted to sit down and work. You need to create a similar style working environment for your own office. Not only will you and your colleagues feel better about work, but you’re likely to produce better work as a result.

A basic working environment

Get back to basics to make your office more work-friendly. Get natural-style lights instead of those painful fluorescent lights. Open doors and windows to get the air flowing through. Even looking into Feng Shui and making the office as open, comfortable and efficient as possible will help get the creative juices flowing. Ensure chairs are flexible and comfortable depending on your height and weight. When you are sitting straight, with feet flat on the floor, your arms should be at a 90-degree angle when typing on the computer. Avoiding strained muscles will immediately lift your mood in your working environment.

working environment

A brighter working environment

Along with better lighting, you need a better vibe. Artworks, music and green plants work wonders to creating your ultimate working environment. Aboriginal art and culture is a beautiful, soothing influence on the office, as it connects cultural artwork with simplistic designs and patterns. Famous artists like Barbara Weir and Minnie Pwerle have produced inspiring paintings filled with symbolic circles, lines and dots. The gorgeous colour and creativity it brings to the office will undoubtedly lift the spirits of employees. The Aboriginal Art Store stocks gorgeous paintings that vary in size, price and category. As a renowned Aboriginal Arts Gallery and Store, it offers a myriad of designs and artworks to inspire the working environment. Music has also been proven to provide mental stimulation while performing monotonous tasks, which can help to reduce stress levels in the office. Try adding a few green plants to the office as well. The enhanced oxygen levels are an added bonus, as plants also help to filter the air and prevent that inevitable office sickness from spreading.

workign environmentA motivated working environment

Don’t stick to the same old routine every day of the dull, old week. Invite smart speakers into the office to motivate your staff. Give them incentives to live up to, and keep encouraging their progress. Hold events in that spare conference room you never use. Play music, serve food, and get everyone talking about how to make your business better. You’ll be surprised how many wonderful ideas come out of the woodwork when you give them an opening. Similarly, invite press, industry founders and friends into the office to work with and around other employees. Create a space that’s based around talented co-workers and guest networkers. By establishing a business centred around shared ideas and constant communication, you’ll be livening your workplace and watching inspiration soar.

A working environment has always been that boring, old office in the sky. Cubicles, the occasional birthday cake, and lots of segregation. But by injecting some life into your working environment, you can create a place that employees actually want to be. Play some music, display some art, and move your furniture around sometimes. It’s basic changes like these that turn an office into a place you’d like to spend time in.

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