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If you’ve always been convinced that Brad Pitt was born with talent or Paris Hilton was born with a Gucci handbag that daddy bought her, you should probably think again. Celebrities, despite their status, fame and adoring fans, are just people. And believe it or not, they had jobs before they were famous. Celebrity jobs include working at McDonalds, cleaning or doing the paper run. Whatever it was, rest assured that celebrities weren’t born on the red carpet, and the celebrity jobs they worked in before Hollywood weren’t nearly as glamorous as the jobs they have now. This profile on celebrity jobs before they were famous reminds us that it doesn’t matter where you work. Don’t be embarrassed to say that your first job was the ice-creamery where they made you wear funny hats, because everyone’s got to start somewhere…

Celebrity jobs, cleaning

celebrity jobsBelieve it or not, cleaning was a pretty big gig for these young Hollywood favourites. In particular, cleaning bathrooms. Doesn’t sound nearly as fun as the celebrity jobs they have today, does it? Young P Diddy cleaned bathrooms at a Mexican restaurant where he worked, while Hugh Grant cleaned toilets at London’s IBM. Gwen Stefani earned her cash by mopping floors at Dairy Queen.



Celebrity jobs, fast food

celebrity jobsFast food is a big thing for most kids with jobs. But there’s still a slight sense of satisfaction to imagine your favourite celebrity asking, ‘would you like fries with that?’. The original ‘Material Girl’ Madonna worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, while Jennifer Hudson flipped burgers at Burger King. Rachel McAdams used to work at McDonalds, and before becoming one of the sexiest men alive, Brad Pitt wore a giant chicken suit and danced outside of ‘El Pollo Loco’. There must be something about giant costumes, because Megan Fox used to wear a giant banana costume and stand outside a smoothie shop.

Celebrity jobs, hairdressingcelebrity jobs

A weird one, we know, but hey – you’ve gotta earn money somehow. Beyonce probably learnt how to get fabulous hair while sweeping hair at her mother’s salon. And before Good Charlotte, Benji and Joel Madden used to shampoo hair at their local salon.


celebrity jobs

Celebrity jobs, the funny ones

No matter where you are, there will always be someone who had an amusing first job. Celebrity jobs are no exception, with some finding weird ways to earn money before fame found them. Matthew McConaughey spent a year in Australia as a youngster, during which he shovelled chicken coops for his dough. Whoopi Goldberg had an even weirder job, working at a funeral parlour and doing make-up for dead people. And then there’s dear old Walt Disney, whose job as a newspaper editor wasn’t so odd. The odd thing was when he got fired because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” I’ll bet his bosses kicked themselves after that one!

Sometimes, its nice to know that everyone has to start somewhere. Usually, its somewhere small. Not everyone will go on to become famous, and a lot of the time, people will feel embarrassed about their first jobs. But its these experiences that give us our first well-deserved paycheck, and teach us how to manage money. Celebrity jobs before they were famous are what we look for in order to distract ourselves from our own awkward teenage years. To see them with braces or pigtails in a McDonalds uniform is enough to remind us that we all start small. Thankfully, for the rest of us, the embarrassment ends early. Celebrity jobs will follow them for a long time yet, and there’s a slight bit of comfort in that.

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