When you’re are the interview, one of the most important things that you need to have – regardless of what job you are applying for – is chemistry with the employer. Surveys have shown that the majority of interviewers base a considerable amount influence on the chemistry between the two. Simply – you have to make sure that the person on the other side of the desk likes you enough to have you around the office. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you manage to generate some of the seemingly ‘magical’ chemistry to land you that job that you’ve been aiming for.


A smile can go a long way towards creating chemistry. This, along with a general openness and friendly vibe makes you approachable and fun to be around. Don’t overdo it though – you’d be surprised at how easily people can see through a fake personality.

Eye Contact 

Eye contact is essential when developing rapport with a person. Don’t over do it though – too much eye contact is a sure way of freaking someone out.

Using their name 

By using the interviewers name, you are more likely to develop a connection with them and bridge the gap between interviewer and interviewee. Don’t do it in an impolite manner though – know your boundaries.

Listen carefully 

Always be attentive and be a good listener. Repeat or confirm points if required. When it’s your turn to speak, make references to what the interviewer has already said to let them know that you are actually listening. Ask intelligent questions about what you have been told.

Body language 

Communication comes from far more than just words. Remember to always try to sit up with a relaxed posture. Don’t fold your arms or sit to stiffly. Subtly mirroring the interviewers body language can go a long way to generating chemistry and rapport.

Be Genuine

There is plenty of techniques that you can learn about an interview setting, but the main thing, and possibly most important, is to just be authentic and relaxed. Anything fake or insincere will definitely hurt your cause.

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