Many people tend to forget the importance of a cover letter. Separate from the resume, the cover letter is job specific and really engages the employer in a personal way. It is a first impression in written form, and no matter what people say, they count. Because of this, your cover letter should be professional and attractive. Here are a few tips to remember when compiling a cover letter.

Make it personal

Always ensure that the cover letter is addressed to the person in charge of hiring for the position. Avoid generic salutations such as “To Whom it may concern”. Go out of your way and do a bit of research to find a specific name – it will make a world of difference.

Also remember to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the job. This shows that you are really committed to that specific job.

Avoid Cover Letter Templates 

They might seem amazing, but there are a few reasons why you should avoid them. Firstly, they are usually generic and very boring. Secondly, most of the templates are available for free on the Internet, which means that there are hundreds of cover letters around that are exactly the same as yours. This means that the employer may have seen your cover letter before! Don’t be afraid to take ideas from a template or two, but make sure that your final copy is completely original.

Keep it professional 

Don’t use unnecessarily fanciful fonts. Keep it basic and formal – don’t over use capitalised and/or bolded words. Avoid clichés and over complicated phrases, and also any personal information (race, age, marital status etc).

Remember to avoid statements that you cannot prove. You should always be accurate when talking about yourself, and employers usually verify facts during reference checks.

Don’t just Copy and paste

Try and write personalised cover letters for different job applications. If you use the same one over and over, the cover letter may either start to look irrelevant, or overly generic.

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