Being a firefighter comes with plenty of perks. The girls think you are eternally sexy, the boys want to live your life, and the whole community sees you as a hero. And let’s face it, you are a bit of a hero. You run into burning buildings when everyone else is running out. You save lives, fight fires, clean up chemical spills and rescue cats from trees. The iconic siren that sounds every time there’s an emergency sees you jump into your gear and run off to the crisis. Whether you’re manning the station, fighting the fire or pulling people out of cars, you’re doing a service to the community. Being a firefighter is a dangerous job, where everyday you’re risking your life to help others. But when it comes to the rewards of being a firefighter, you’d probably say it’s worth it. If you’re considering seeking a career as a firefighter, we’ve got everything you need to know.

How to become a firefighter

firefighterThere are a few steps you need to take towards becoming a fully fledged firefighter. Applications for firefighters are only open for certain periods each year, so stay up-to-date with their Facebook page and homepage. They have a list of requirements such as completing year 12 at high school and being an Australian citizen, holding permanent residency or being a New Zealand citizen. You also need your Provisional 2 license at least. Before you can even submit an application, however, it’s essential to pass a cognitive ability and work safety assessment. Once you pass, you’ll be required to do an emotional intelligence and work reliability scale. All of these assess your capabilities to become a quality firefighter.

If you pass all of these, there is a physical aptitude test to ensure your fitness levels are up to scratch. These include exercises such as dragging hoses, climbing stairs holding heavy items, and simulating rescues. The medical assessment also includes a health questionnaire, physical examination and provision of other medial information. If you plan on applying for the fire brigade, your physical fitness levels should be of premium condition.

The risks of being a firefighter

Being a firefighter is one of the more dangerous professions in the workforce. Firefighters are at risk of suffocating, receiving lung and respiratory damage, burns, injuries from building collapses and heart attacks. Firefighters respond to all kinds of emergencies, including things like chemical and oil spills. When there are emergencies that require chemical spill kits in Australia, there is a huge amount of equipment required to manage the situation. Not only do firefighters need to don their thick, anti-flammable clothing, helmet, gloves and boots, but they also require breathing masks and apparatus to keep them safe from dangerous chemicals. In the event of oil fires, water doesn’t do anything to contain the blaze. Oil only and emergency spill kits in Australia are imperative to clean up spills and fires that can’t be combatted with the basic fire hose. Spill Kits Australia is one of the companies that supply these kinds of protective equipment, and help firefighters keep the highest levels of safety in their workforce.

firefighterThe perks of being a firefighter

There are plenty of perks, not just attention from those that idolise your position. When you save a life, people are eternally grateful, and you’ll be constantly applauded for your brave work. As a firefighter, you’re not only putting your life on the line to save others, but projecting an image of selflessness to the community. It takes a brave, wonderful person to become a firefighter. The higher up the ranks you climb, the better the pay gets, and the more responsibility you’ll acquire. Working with the same colleagues in dangerous conditions, you form a strong bond that makes them much like family. And of course you’re staying both physically and mentally fit working in such demanding conditions.

Being a firefighter has both good and bad sides. You’re working in dangerous conditions, risking your life, but also working to save the lives of others. The job is both challenging and rewarding, positive and sad. But if you have the fitness, the motivation and the strength to be a firefighter, there aren’t many jobs that get better than this one.

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