Dressing for job interviews seems like a fairly obvious element to securing employment, but so many people make the mistake of ruining the easiest part of the interview. It should come as natural to brush your hair, wear neat, ironed clothing appropriate to the employment industry and be modest. There’s no point going to the interview at all if you’re just going to show up in jeans or a top that oozes cleavage.

Although job-related skills and experience rank high in importance in whether or not you land the position, during the initial hiring process they have less power than most of us think. That’s because the first thing we notice about someone is their appearance, and more specifically, the way they are dressed. First impressions are lasting impressions, so make them count!

Multiple accessories and bright colors should be reserved for an evening out with friends. The idea is to give the interviewer the impression that you are already part of their company.

Lastly, wear clothes that are comfortable so you are concentrating on what is being asked of you and not on the fact that your waist band is cutting into your flesh or your bra strap is falling off your shoulder.

If in doubt, do a full dress rehearsal before the interview and get a second opinion from a friend or family member.