Let’s be honest, the world is obsessed with beauty; always has been, always will be.

People around the world throughout history have gone, often to extraordinary lengths, to Neck stretchingimprove their attractiveness. Think of the women of the Padaung Tribe stretching their necks with circular rings; or the excruciating years of foot-binding incorporated in some Asian cultures. Beauty is determined by the culture we are in. But there are a few staples that remain the same, regardless of cultural influences.

Symmetry is always considered more attractive than asymmetry. Clear lines are generally accepted as more attractive than blurred. And a blemishless appearance is generally considered desirable.

And it is this last that concerns us here today.

As people we want to be wanted. As people in a hyper-visual culture we want what we see.

Don’t blame me; it was like this before I got here. I’m just telling it like it is.

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Like I said above, people’s need to enhance their attractiveness isn’t going to go away. This is beauty_therapy_coursesan industry that will be around forever. Ella Bache has grown and adapted with the researc into skin. The courses and  products they offer are the best available.

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