Emergency nurse jobs are considered to be one of the most rewarding yet challenging areas a nurse could work in. The fast-paced environment, unexpected nature of the job and requirement of being strong-willed and patient in difficult situations has resulted in nurses considering emergency nurse jobs to be both the best and the worst in the field.

Emergency care focuses on prioritising critical patients who require immediate attention. It is believed to be the frontline of patient care as swift initial treatment is crucial to a patient’s overall recovery. Emergency nurses need to be able to handle themselves well under pressure and deal with unexpected situations. The best way to get into emergency nursing is to do postgraduate study at university, either a master, graduate certificate or graduate diploma in emergency nursing.

Nurses in emergency care must triage patients based on their level of care and the immediacy with which they must be treated. The Australasian Triage Scale has five categories to differentiate patients and outline the time frame within which they must be dealt with. The treatment acuity ranges from immediate to 120 minutes. As of 2000, the performance indicator threshold of the proportion of patients that were treated within their allocated time frame was was 100% for immediate and then dropped to  70% by 120 minutes.

The patients that emergency nurses receive vary greatly in seriousness and scope. It could be a a child with a broken ankle or at the other end of the scale, it could be an elderly person who just experienced a car accident. Due to this high degree of variety, emergency nurses must be confident in all areas of health and medicine and be able to work autonomously without the direction of a doctor. Their role could consist of diagnosing patients and initiating treatment, resuscitating patients, or even assisting rescue teams in disaster situations.

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