In Jonathon Swift’s classic tale Gulliver’s Travels the eponymous hero visits a laboratory where scientists are trying to extract sunlight from cucumbers. Science has shown that cucumbers grow through a process of photosynthesis. These scientists are attempting to reverse-engineer the process and extract the sunlight from the fully ripened vegetable.

At the time Swift’s commentary was cutting satire pointing to the limits of scientific endeavor. But science, it seems, is getting the last laugh.

While, at present anyway, it seems impossible to reverse-engineer the process of photosynthesis and extract sunlight from cucumbers, each day more and more sunlight is being converted into energy. In fact, there are many natural phenomena that are being harness and converted into useable energy and raising the lifestyle of almost the entire world’s population.

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But what’s important here are the consequences. Everyone is quick to point out all the things wrong with the modern age, especially those problems which are a by-product of technology – Stress, alienation, disassociation, etc. But what they are forgetting is the staggering improvement in the lives of billions because of companies like Energy Power Systems. Because, when you get right down to it, anything good about being alive today comes from electrical power. Without it we’re back in the Middle Ages. And Energy Power Systems makes this power available to everyone. Check out the clip below to see what I mean.

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