Getting a good internship is something every university student strives for. They teach you things you can’t learn through studying, they get your foot in the door of your chosen career and they allow you to test drive your profession to make sure it’s what you want to do. An internship, essentially, can make or break a career. Unfortunately for the struggling student, internships are mostly unpaid, and require a lot of commitment and hard work at the bottom of the career food chain. Whilst there has been a lot of investigation into the unpaid internship, it seems that for the most part, it’s a necessary progression into the workforce that isn’t going away any time soon. So when the time comes to jump on the internship bandwagon, here are some sneaky tips to getting one you actually enjoy.

internshipFirst things first, you need to work out exactly what kind of internship you want. Something as broad and overwhelming as ‘the film industry’ would prove a very challenging internship to nail down, however if it is the film industry you’re interested in, work out which part of the industry you find most fascinating. The more devoted you are to a niche line of work, the more you’ll want to work for it. This neat little tip also helps when writing cover letters and attending interviews, as it helps your passion for the job shine through.

Networking is key to finding when an internship is circulating, and where to find them. Let friends, family and work colleagues know that you’re searching for an internship, because with more people keeping an eye out, you’ll find an internship faster than if you were looking alone.

internshipWhen you’re sending out your cover letters and CVs, it is absolutely imperative that you make yours stand out from the huge pile of applications sitting on an office desk. Somebody has to sift through all of them, and it’s a safe bet that they’ll skip over a large portion of them. To secure an internship in your dream field, tailor your CV to suit the company. Something as simple as placing the company logo at the top of the cover letter can show a bit of flair, or at least that it’s not the same generic letter sent out en masse.

Lastly, a great tip found on kidspot is to aim low. This doesn’t mean aim for an internship you’re not interested in, but simply to think outside the box in terms of finding a back or side door into your dream job. Kidspot akins it to carrying furniture for an interior designer, if the ultimate internship is in interior design. Just because you’re not doing the main job, doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few tips and edge your way further into the profession. There will always be more than one way to finding an internship.

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