If you’re on the hunt for that perfect job, you need to be ready, willing and able to strike at any time. Being prepared involves having crucial documents ready to go at the drop of a hat. And the most important of all these documents is your resume. Everybody knows how to write them, but if it’s not up to scratch, it can cost you your dream job. Mistakes can easily be corrected, but some errors might cost you an interview. So here are a few tips for that perfect resume…

Make sure your name, address and contact details are at the top of the page. You’d be surprised how many people forget to pt all these details in, only to be left feeling like idiots when they don’t get a call back! So make sure your document kicks off with the most crucial information printed clearly at the top of the page.

Be honest and communicate effectively. Don’t waste words or pad details, the employer can see right through it. Instead, find the most appropriate and succinct way of conveying your job history and strong suits. It’s also important to be honest in your dealings with employers: if you lie about details regarding work, chances are they’ll find out before too long. Remember: they’ll be calling former employers.

Make sure that you are positive and confident. Being honest doesn’t mean that you have to underplay your strengths. Instead, opt for a confident tone that let’s the employer know that you’re comfortable with the position on offered. If possible, make specific reference to skills or attributes that might make you the best person for the job. Be subtle and careful with words used, because anything in a resume can be brought up at a later date!

Pick a scheme and stick to it. Nothing is worse than receiving a poorly formatted and spaced resume. Uniform styling and attention to detail can really help your application stand out, an important factor when the time comes to separate the wheat from the chaff. Make sure your fonts are appropriate (no wacky fonts- be serious and professional is all your pursuits!) and never choose overly colourful paper stock.

Always leave your phone on! You’d be amazed to hear about how many employers have had bad luck in getting applicants to answer their phones when they’re calling to offer them a job. Too many job seekers are not following through on their applications, or perhaps they’re not notifying employers if they have found work. Either way, there are plenty of stories detailing missed opportunities so don’t make a mistake and turn the volume on your phone way up!

With these handy hints in mind, you’ll have your dream job in no time! Just remember to prepare for all contingencies and stay on top of the ball. Happy hunting!


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