Walter was the man. In local politics he was an up and comer. Walter was tall and white haired (appealing to the seniors). He was in his forties, handsome and articulate (appealing to the middle-aged). And he was – well – cool (appealing to the younger voters). Walter had a way of summarizing an issue that included people. He would ask rhetorical questions that made the listeners believe he was asking the questions they themselves would ask. In this way Walter would shape the course of a conversation and make it go in whatever direction he desired.

The power-brokers within the City Council could see the potential Walter offered. With the right funding, support and media Walter could galvanize not only the Councillors but also the constituents. So much could be achieved if everyone was pulling in the same direction, instead of the eternal bickering and divisiveness characterizing the current local politics.Liberal+Democrats+Continue+Their+Party+Political+rdT798smKQEl

The party heads sat down with Walter and put it to him: ‘Let’s work together. We plan, you sell. You’ll be Mayor within two years and we all get to make our mark and do great things for this area.’

Walter was all for it. ‘But,’ he said somewhat shyly, ‘there’s a catch.’

Of course there is. There is always a catch in local politics. The party heavy weights slumped in thir chairs a little and waited for the worst.

Walter, usually so articulate and confident, couldn’t meet their eyes, he began to mumble and stammer, “You see – um – when I was younger there was this – um – indiscretion …” He trailed off looking at the floor.

And it was all so clear. As a concerned citizen speaking in the City Council Chambers no one was bothering to look into his background. Even as a Councillor he still might avoid scrutiny. But if he made a run at Mayor all his past would be dredged up.

“It was nothing really bad … just – well enough for the other parties to use against me in a smear campaign.”

Samantha, one of the aids leaned forward, “We’ve got people to handle that.”

The heavy-weights turned to her.

“We’ve used Lined Media for reputation management before, they’re the best.”

Walter looked morose. “No, you don’t understand,” he mumbled, ‘it’s on the internet.”

Samantha smiled, “You know when you do a Google search for something and Google comes back with 15 million pages of answers?” Walter nodded. “How do you think Google ranks those answers?”

All eyes were on her now.

“Google has complex algorithms to sort, qualify and rank the items regarding search terms. Now Google doesn’t always get it right and often there is information that rises up to the first few pages that really shouldn’t be there. Likewise, Reputation Management companies, like Lined Media, can make it so that things that should be on the first page aren’t.”

AnonymousThere was a sudden commotion, everyone talking at once. If Walter’s ‘indiscretion’ could be kept from prying eyes then everyone would benefit; the whole community – everyone.

“And they are … discrete?” One of the heavy-weights asked.

“Marketing have used them before, they’re solid, they’re good.”

“Get on it Samantha. I want you and Walter to meet with them as soon as possible and make this go away. Get someone to bury it and then we move forward.”

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