Why Try to Get Rewarded at Work?

Being visible at work is the key to getting promotions, being involved in more projects, and building your way up in your career. Regardless of how hard you work or how great your work is, if your boss doesn’t know who you are or you’re not in their thoughts, you’ll be much less likely to be rewarded or allocated more responsibility at work.

How to Get Rewarded at Work

Develop Specialist Skills

If you are equipped with skills that no one else has, or you are simply better than others in the workplace at performing a certain task, you will of course become recognised for these specialist skills. You will become an invaluable member of the business and much more appreciated every time the company requires your capabilities.

Build A Network

Building a network of friends or alliances amongst the workplace is essential in hearing about opportunities that apply to you or getting positive references for such opportunities. This involves socialising with colleagues outside the office or at lunchtime and chatting to and keeping in touch with people both inside and outside your department.

Take Initiative

All employers appreciate workers who can take initiative and complete tasks that go above and beyond what is expected of them. You shouldn’t always wait to be told from others what jobs you should be doing, but rather be proactive and complete tasks that will set you apart from others.

Work Smart and Hard

You should be highly effective in your timing so that you can complete all of the work expected of you and perhaps even then some. This means, don’t go on Facebook or your phone at work and do a few extra hours if necessary.

Speak Up

Within reason, speaking up to your boss is usually a great way to get noticed: whether its about the good work you’ve been doing, the recent successes you’ve achieved, or the higher responsibility projects you want. Foster a good relationship with your boss and always try to make them look good. They often will care what you’re doing or how you’re thinking but don’t have the time to seek you out. So make it easier and go to them.

How to Reward Your Staff if You’re An Employer

If you’re a manager/boss/employer and want to make your most effective and indispensable staff are rewarded at work and thus know they are valued, you should demonstrate your appreciation. If they did a good job on a certain task, let them know. Sending an email or chatting to them in the workplace is incredibly easy and goes a long way in making them feel acknowledged and appreciated.

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