The one thing I never expected from a Business Coach was sympathy. After all, I am a Business Coach. A business coach who’s business was failing (there’s irony for you). And believe me I had examined every facet of my business to identify the cause of this money hemorrhage. But it was now  decision time: Either I wrap up the business or I get help.

I can’t think of any greater act of humility than the head of a business coaching company phoning one of his competitors to ask for help. If it was up to me I would have quietly slunk away. But two things changed my mind. One: Half a dozen loyal staff would have been without a job, through no fault of their own – and I’d have to live with knowing I could have done something to prevent it. Two,:Some part of me just wanted to know what the hell I’d overlooked. Plus, I thought, I’d lie a little easier, in my financial grave, if whatever it was also eluded Lucidity Coaching (the company I was considering to advise us). If they didn’t find the cause then my failure wouldn’t be mine alone.

There was no doubting who we needed to advise us. Lucidity Coaching, in Perth, are the supermodels of our industry. But when I picked up the phone I still hesitated.

The Goddess Success

Business, I’d always thought, was, by its very nature, cutthroat. The Goddess of Business Success demands the very meat and bones of your competitors. By calling Cameron, at Lucidity Coaching, I wasn’t just admitting defeat; I was placing my financial head on the chopping block.

Before I could think further I dialled the number. If all I received was scorn and humiliation I’d hang up. At least I would have tried.

Cameron answered. It’s always nice when the boss isn’t too grand to answer the phone. I introduced myself. Even though we’d never met Cameron was aware of me. I explained the situation and braced myself for the response.

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Unlock Cashflow

If any of you have seen Cameron’s Youtube workshops you’ll know he’s a straight talker. But don’t let this fool you; at heart he’s a really nice guy. Cameron’s first words were, “Running a business is like being in love, often you’re the last to know if anything’s going wrong.”

I hadn’t known I was stressed or tense or worked up, but when I heard these words I nearly burst into tears. Cameron said of course he’d help. He thanked me for choosing to come to him. He promised to be discreet.

And he was good to his word. Until this very moment no one outside of our two businesses has known anything about the bullet my business dodged. But what pleased me the most, about Cameron and Lucidity Coaching’s help, was that they empowered us to not only be able to identify and avoid similar problems in the future, but they made us a more productive and accountable business.

As Cameron said, ‘There’s plenty of money to go around.’

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