Whether as a gap year, a holiday or a lifelong career, volunteering is an absolutely priceless experience for anyone looking to help others less fortunate than themselves. There are an ever increasing number of opportunities to volunteer overseas in remote and undeveloped communities. Volunteering your time can provide you with one of the most worthwhile and fulfilling endeavours that will be sure to stay with you for a lifetime.

Volunteering Case Study: 26 Year Old Tyson Mayr from Gold Coast, Australia

Tyson was your average working man in 2009, each day donning his tie and suit and heading in to his real estate office from 9-5. After deciding to go away on his first overseas trip to Thailand for a few weeks’ break, Mayr hasn’t used his tie ever again. Tyson caught a very severe case of the travel bug and has been sating his appetite for exploring and volunteering ever since. Although he has an incredibly extensive list of countries already behind his belt, Tyson still has a constantly building bucket list of places to go, people to inspire and communities to support.

tyson clean waterOne of the major ventures Tyson has been focusing his time on is his role as an ambassador for a company which focuses on providing clean water for . Tyson first volunteered his time to help build schools for children in the deep hill tribes of Peru, a community which, before Tyson, had never seen a person of caucasian appearance before. Since then, Tyson has taken a quadriplegic Canadian skydiving and on a road trip all throughout America and he has helped communities all throughout Africa and South America acquire clean water. Most recently, Mayr has inspired a group of schoolchildren in Wyoming, America, to complete 10,000 push ups in under a minute to raise thousands of dollars for school children in Uganda – he even facilitated a Skype session between the two primary schools so they could see how people the same age as them live on the other side of the world.

Volunteering Opportunities

Although it may not be viable for all people to have such a committed and long term approach to the new term, ‘voluntourism’, we can all learn something from the power one person can have. If you are passionate about helping others or want to do something a little different out of your daily ritual while immersing yourself in a radically different context and culture, volunteering is easily the best way to go.

There are a huge range of opportunities for people to undergo volunteering in Africa, Asia of South America as a gap year, a fulfilling break from work or as part of your high school studies. It is also becoming increasingly popular to teach students English in isolated localities, particularly in South East Asia such as Thailand or the Philippines. You could even intern abroad in these communities, thereby simultaneously advancing your studies or career and helping undeveloped countries gain a higher standard of living and greater quality of life.

Make a Donation

Bur if you can’t get that time away from work, don’t have the funds for an overseas trip or the timing isn’t right, there are still many other ways you can help promote development in marginalised communities. Noble Endeavours is a community development project model dedicated to supporting communities in the isolated foothills of central Philippines. The organisation is focused on providing purified water, health, education and dental care to foster growth in the region. Noble Endeavours also has specialised programs dedicated to empowering women, increasing the number of medical and birthing facilities in the area and developing organic model family farms so that they continue to develop their own community and thereby make the most of your donation. Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.27.26 AM

You can donate for primary school, and provide uniforms, underwear, shoes, books and pencils for school children for an entire year. Alternatively, you could make a tax deductible charity donation for children health and education and enable Noble Endeavours to continue their mission of fostering  training and educational programs to ensure long term community sustainability.

Other ways you can help out are by organising a fundraising event or providing corporate sponsorship. Regardless of whichever way you choose to support the marginalised communities spread across the undeveloped regions of the world, you can rest assured the process will give you an inexplicable glow knowing you are selflessly helping others in need. So look up your next volunteering venture, or make a donation today.

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