I’m an engineer with over thirty years of on site experience, and I know the value of proper planning, hard work and a little bit of know-how. I specialise in small scale civil projects around Western Australia. My company consists of about thirty five staff and we’ve taken on projects from small bridges all the way to stretches of highway infrastructure. But when it comes to getting new clients, it can be tough to measure up against new and major competitors.

We’re always up for new challenges and relish the opportunity to try out cool new things. The thing about engineers is that we’re a nerdy bunch, always deep into the newest technologies and modelling systems. Most of our operational time is spent planning and developing the project through a series of distinct stages. These phases have to be perfectly co-ordinated and costed as the people footing the bill often require the most detailed planning before any final approval is given.

Recently, we were contracted to upgrade a portion of a portion of rural highway. The job was one we’d basically perfected in the past, so there was no doubt it could be completed in no time. The problem was, we’d also been offered a lucrative contract with a sizeable local council. The offer was too good to knock back, so I consulted with my team to see if we might be able to stretch our resources and get both jobs done.

As always, manpower is a considerable factor in the success of any project. I employ professionals with highly localised skill sets which sometimes don’t overlap. Settling this matter involved a bit of creative scheduling (and early morning for the guys!) but it could be done. But when it came to equipment, we were hard pressed to find the enough machines for both jobs. Earthmovers, excavators and other expensive tools of the trade would have to be hired.

After a recommendation from a mate in the same trade, I was given the phone number for Equiprent. I gave them a call and found them to be helpful and straight forward. They had a good administrative system in place and billing seemed straight forward (all contractors know how much of a rarity this is!). They provided mobile plant hire for all the different things my project might need, and they even offered on-site demonstration and support.

Equiprent’s support was professional and always accurate. The job was finished up in no time, and my company was able to expand and take on a whole new workload. When something went wrong, they were our first point of contact and they always saw us through. It was a tough few months, but in the end, all deadlines were met and our clients were also satisfied.

Occasionally, these kinds of rental situations can lead to a lot of stress. But I can honestly tell you that the guys at Equiprent helped alleviate a lot of our worries and were always there to help us out. So, if you’re in a similar predicament, start getting on top of it today!

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