I have recently been given the opportunity to apply for an internship which could potentially lead me to my dream job. Whilst this does sound a little far-off and vague, I am nevertheless incredibly nervous about applying for the job and I understand the importance of having a high quality application that will be sure to impress. This got me thinking about the best ways to go about securing a dream job and some tips on how you can improve your chances of making your dream become a reality.

Get Experience Related to your Dream Job

One of the best ways to ace an application process is to have demonstrated passion in the particular job or field, and one of the best ways to demonstrate passion is to gain experience in the industry. Whether it be working or interning, paid or unpaid, of your own initiative or through a third party – experience is key. Being able to show someone on your resume that you have developed skills relevant to the prospective job not only means that you will be more equipped for the position, and thus more likely to be hired, but it also means that they can see you have passion for the job and will be an enthusiastic. It’s all well and good to tell them how much or how long you’ve ached to have this job, but having actual experience on paper is a whole lot louder than those words.

Create on Online Brand

One of the best ways to make sure job offers come to you without you having to search endlessly on countless job sites as though you’ve become trapped in job-searching hell, is to create an online brand for yourself. Start a blog and engage actively in social media to attract potential employers and allow them to learn more about you. In order to create an online presence, a blog is a great place to start. Not only does having your own successful and popular weblog look impressive and showcase your online skills, it also enables you to control business’ first impression of you. As well as this, networking by engaging with relevant people or companies and maintaining contacts you already have, particularly with LinkedIn and Twitter, is key to using online and social media to help your cause.

Resume Writing and Interviewing

Provided you have relevant experience and are actively passionate about your dream job, you should let your personality and skills speak for themselves. On your resume only include jobs, attributes and experience that is relevant to the position and which will impress your potential employer. And in the interview, simply let your personality and your passion shine. You should have kept up to date with news and current affairs related to the industry and be in the know about the ethos and inner workings of the company as well as the specific roles of the position. Make sure you are well researched and then simply demonstrate this knowledge in the interview.

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