Contributing writer at Forbes Magazine, George Anders, recently published an article on LinkedIn┬ádetermining that the most sought after skill in 2020 will be not digital literacy or technological entrepreneurship but empathy. With technological robots making so many human skills redundant, one of the most important strengths to emerge in the future will be man’s ability to sympathise, care for and actually interact with one another. Thus nursing emerged as one of the top jobs in the years to come due to the superior skills of nurses to support and aid patients.

Nursing is one of the most important industry sectors in Australia and the government is continuing to realise the important role nurses play. Nursing is a very worthwhile career and caring people are continually being attracted towards pursuing intensive care nurse jobs.

Studying Nursing

There are currently three main study options for aspirant nurses to undertake to become some form of a nurse. One can either undertake a bachelor’s degree at a University to become a registered nurse, complete a Diploma of Nursing of Certificate IV in Nursing to be an enrolled nurse (or get credit for an undergraduate degree) or do a Certificate III in nursing if they would like to be a nursing assistant.

A registered nurse is able to work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), or one could complete a master’s or postgraduate degree in Intensive Care Nursing or Critical Care Nursing to specialise in this area.

Intensive Care Nurse Jobs in Sydney and Melbourne

If you are looking for intensive care nurse jobs in Sydney or Melbourne, you are in luck! There are currently nurse jobs available in Melbourne CBD and the Melbourne Suburbs, Western Sydney, coastal Queensland and even in the beautiful city of Auckland. The job descriptions for these current nurse positions range from assisting a GP to infection control to neonatal intensive care. Plexus Recruitment is a great place to search for available nurse jobs around the country. With their up to date listing and online application forms, you can always keep up to date with current nurse positions and take the guess work out of applying for your dream nurse job.

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