international jobsIsn’t that everyone’s dream – to start a job with the very real potential for travelling overseas? When it comes to international jobs, there are plenty of careers that have the opportunity to explore work overseas, and turn into international jobs. And when you think about having the chance to work all over the world, fly in and fly out, and enjoy the luxury of international travel, how could you say no? If international jobs is something that you feel is worth exploring, we’ve got some great places to start.

International jobs

Flight attendant

Emirates, Qantas, Etihad – all of these need flight attendants, and all of these go overseas. When it comes to international jobs, flight attendant is the ultimate job. You fly overseas, working on the plane, only to be rewarded by a few days in a new country at the end of it. Paris, Rome, Budapest, London – flight attendants get to go everywhere, and if you don’t mind flying and being friendly to customers, this job is perfect.

Hotel management

international jobsIf there’s one thing that makes the world go round, it’s the hospitality industry. Of all the international jobs, this one will be stable and fantastic for many years to come. As a young employee, you might only be working as a waitress at the Novotel, and before you know it, you’ve moved up to management, and you’re being offered positions all around the world. Hotel chains exist in huge amounts of countries, and if the idea of moving to another country to manage a hotel excites you, the hospitality industry is a great way to work up to this.

Concrete construction

Hospitality might make the world go round, but they need buildings to make it happen. In the construction industry, engineers, architects and project managers are the big guns that take the building business overseas. It might start in a concrete batching plant in Australia, but has the potential to give employees international jobs where design and construction are the forefront of the profession. All around the world, landmarks are being constructed in impressive locations, and even if you’re origins are a humble mobile batch plant, big building companies take their business overseas. If this is your line of work, it could very well be you. Just look at the waves places like Batchcrete are making…

international jobsTravel writer

For the aspiring writer who wants to travel, this is the ultimate in international jobs. Unfortunately, the pay isn’t great, and the success will be a longtime coming, but if you have an exceptional way with words, backpacking around the world and recording your travel stories is the most freedom you’ll ever find. Bar jobs, waitressing and busking will be your best friend while you pay your way around the world, but if you’re committed and don’t mind your office being the nearest Internet cafe, international jobs don’t get much more flexible than this one.

Travelling the world for work is the top goal of most professions, but not everything allows for this kind of reward. If you’re with a company that has the potential to produce international jobs, stick with it, and prove your worth, because it will be a fantastic way to cap off your career. If you’re still deciding on a career, but know you fancy the occasional overseas trip, these ideas might get your mind moving, and before you know it, these international jobs could be yours.