internet marketingRegardless of what industry you are working in or what products or services you sell, it is vital you have a diamond solid understanding of internet marketing. In the modern age, the internet is absolutely everything. Digital and mobile technologies have replaced almost all other forms of advertising or promotion. People no longer flick through their Yellow Pages to find their local plumber, or drop by a business in person to see if they want to purchase a product or service – almost all of this is now conducted faceless on the web.

Because personalised service and yellow pages ads have largely been replaced by email, phone calls and most of all, internet sites, it is imperative that you get these things right to attract, convert and retain potential customers. Having an easily discoverable, high quality website is the key to drawing in interested parties, and conversion rate optimisation is the basis for transforming them into paying customers. These days, Jan won’t become ‘not happy’ for missing the deadline for putting an ad in the yellow pages, but she’ll certainly be angry if you don’t understand and make use of the staples of internet marketing.


Google search is the primary method of discovering a vendor. It may sound logical but in order to be found on the web, your site must be easily discoverable through search engines. Google search is essentially the index of the web – and if you aren’t appropriately listed according to your services, people will not find you and therefore will not use you. The same applies to internet marketing – if you aren’t engaging in strategies of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure your content is indexed correctly according to Google’s crawlers, potential customers will not be led to your digital doorstep.

The keys to SEO are creating high-quality content that has correct spelling and grammar, is logically structured and easily navigable. More importantly, the topics of your content must be immediately clear so that you site will appear on relevant search engine queries. To do this you must nominate a keyword which sums up the content of each individual web page and ensure this work or phrase appears in the URL, in the title, first paragraph and in the meta-description.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once prospective clients have discovered your website, conversion rate optimisation ensure these people are converted into customers. This can be done through the methods of User Experience (UE) and User Interface (UI). These important internet marketing methods involve having a logically organised and easy-to-use interface, which is attractive and makes the user feel satisfied. You need to make your services easy to purchase, without making them blatant or too overt. Mobile sites must be responsive and cater to smaller screens, while internet sites must have quality landing pages that naturally lead people to their products.

Although the importance of internet marketing is omnipotent and universal, the specific techniques differ between various sectors, businesses and websites. To get tailored professional help in the area of internet marketing and conversion rate optimisation, contact Userlicious. Making the most of internet marketing through expert advice is an organic way of getting the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages, but probably for less cost and to a higher outreach of relevant audiences.

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