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A recent ANZ Job Ads Survey showed that the job advertisements in both internet and newspaper platforms have fallen. With today’s technology, a large portion of job searches happen online, with newspapers the next best place to look. However, with numbers falling, it seems to align with the increase in Australian unemployment.

In the past 12 months, the number of job advertisements posted on both internet and in newspapers fell 2.4 percent. While New South Wales remained the strongest out of all of Australia, the decline was still clear across the country.

job advertisementsSo where do you find job advertisements?

Despite the decline in job advertisements in newspapers and on the internet, there are still jobs available! It just means you need to be more resourceful when it comes to seeking out the jobs that are still there. This means that you still need to look online and in papers for job advertisements. Using unconventional sites like Gumtree, or even looking on a uni job advertisement page, can give you new openings others might not find. Keeping your search specific to your interests is another key tip. Avoid sending out your resume to every company hiring. By doing your research and selecting jobs you’re more passionate about, you’ll stay motivated in your search.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty

There are a myriad of ways to enhance your portfolio when looking for a job. Everything from updating your resume to committing to your job search make a difference in the big picture. Networking is an important part of job seeking, especially with the decline of job advertisements. By talking to the right people and seeking out opportunities by word of mouth, you’ll have an advantage over those sitting at home on their computer. In your resume and in your interview, having sneaky ways to stand out make a lot of difference to your application. Customising your cover letter and adding a company logo to your resume can add a nice touch. Interviews require a firm handshake, impressive attire and the initiative to ask questions after the interview.

job advertisementsDon’t leave the ball in their court

Just because you’ve sent your resume into the black hole of job advertisements, doesn’t mean the ball is entirely in their court. Show initiative, and if you don’t hear from them within the week, follow up with an email. Even better, give them a call and speak to them directly, as this approach shows both confidence and dedication. Lastly, take rejection lightly. There are always going to be places that don’t want to hire you, but it helps if you can get feedback as to why you weren’t right for the job. It may be that your age or experience makes you unsuitable, but if you can ask where you could improve then you’re likely to do better in your next application. And consistently seeking improvement is always the best way to go.

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