Do you love alcohol and magnificent scenery?

Have you ever felt the urge to ditch the looming skyscrapers, the road rage drivers and polluted air and escape into the rolling hills and lush greenery of the country?

Just imagine it:


The sun is shining and the air is clean. The only noise are the birds singing and rustling in the trees. Butterflies linger in the fresh grass. You stand on the balcony, overlooking the glistening river. On your left are rolling hills with vine after vine of luscious green and red grapes. On your right is a gorgeous stone building, exuding the fragrances of wine coming to life. Within the building, the intricate process of converting grapes into wine is taking place.

And this is exactly what you tell fellow wine-lovers when they come through the doors of your vineyard. If you are passionate about good produce and good wine, giving wine tours might just be the perfect job for you. It’s not conventional but that’s what makes it exciting. You have the peace and quiet of nature but also the joy of meeting people and sharing your passion with them.

If that photograph and my imagery don’t satisfy your thirst for wine and nature, then check out this video tour (an insight into what you could be doing) of the Burch Family Wines vineyard in Western Australia:

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Like every different bottle of wine, you have your own personality so it’s important to find the vineyard that’s right for you. It could be the dry climate of Tasmania’s Tamar Valley or the clay soils of Western Australia. “Fine wines express individual personalities, reflective of where they have come from and how they are grown”, said Jeff Burch from Burch Family Wines (insert link).

Having been winemakers for 25 years, Burch Family Wines can testify to the rewarding career of wine-making. “Making wine is an art form and we love showing people from across the world our distinct personality of wine.”

Wine industry jobs are available in a range of Australian states. So if you’re looking to move to another state or simply, a few hours drive away, you’re likely to find a place that suits you.

To check out current listings, visit Wine Industry Jobs here.

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