Sometimes, sitting in a grey office filling out excel sheets and worrying about the bottom line can be arduous and emotionally draining. Day after day, we drag ourselves through a mundane existence and after a while, we become comfortable with the boring familiarity.

But secretly, we all want to find something to be passionate about, something that makes us excited to go to work in the morning. Sometimes, it is in giving that we receive the greatest reward. There is something special about selflessness and helping others that brings a deep satisfaction in life.

Poverty remains rife in our world. We hear about it so much that the word has almost lost meaning. The countless images of distant children begin to seem faceless. But immerse yourself into a community in need and you’ll discover the vibrancy and love that flows out of its people. You’ll discover the hope in their eyes when someone has been willing to pay a simple $40 a month to give a child free education, access to health and nutrition program.


You’ll learn what true humility and selflessness is when a family with nothing offers you a bed to sleep on. More than simply growing in your business skills, you will grow as a person and learn more about yourself and the world in a way unique to a job in philanthropy.

There is a gift in giving. Working for a charity organisation is a two-way street and often you’ll feel like you’re getting more than you are giving.

Not everything will be seamless and easy. There are still significant struggles and discouragements in a career of charity. Poverty and water contamination are not things that can be eradicated overnight with the click of a button. Often you may feel unappreciated working behind the scenes or overwhelmed when faced with the scope of injustices in the world. But having a cause worth fighting for makes the struggle worth it.

There is more to life than living a dispassionate existence. There is work to be done to make this world a better place.

As Ian McKay from Noble Endeavours says, “Life just seems to make more sense when our dreams, visions and goals are bigger than us.”



This article was brought to you by Noble Endeavours , who help bring education, sanitary water and agricultural development to the Philippines.


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