The secret to a fulfilling career is passion. Passion brings colour to our worlds, it breathes fire into our hearts and can give meaning to our lives. It seems counter intuitive that the people who work in charities and humanitarian organisations, who often go unrecognised and face seemingly insurmountable hurdles, would be most passionate about their jobs. Yet, so often, they are. And I think it’s because they have the discovered the satisfaction of giving and of loving other human beings.


In a world that is increasingly cynical and content with the mediocre, it can easy to become complacent and insular. But looking outside of oneself to see the dire needs of the world – wherever they may be – can be heartbreaking but it can also be incredibly uplifting.

We are bombarded with stories of extreme poverty, political oppression, human trafficking, labour exploitation, natural disasters, homelessness, environmental catastrophe and animal cruelty. It can become overwhelming to face multitudes of problems with seemingly few solutions. But the truth is, you can make a difference, no matter how small. Often we forget how it can be just one person who changes the course of our lives. Likewise, you can be that person. You can leave a dent on this world and better still, you can do it as a career.

Take for example, Noble Endeavours, established by Jan and Ian McKay to help local tribal communities in central Mindanao, Philippines. They have various projects addressing agricultural development, community building, education and health and sanitation. Perhaps the most admirable and important aspect of their values is that it’s not about the wealthy West saving the impoverished East. It’s about partnership, a two-way street that helps empower communities for the long-term.

“The best way to address huge issues like food security is through education and training. We want to make sure local communities in the Philippines are empowered to help themselves, to be self-supporting and self-sustaining. We want to see schools and medical clinics that are run and spearheaded by local leaders because they are the ones who best understand the needs of the community,” said Jan McKay, co-founder of Noble Endeavours.

To find a job that you are passionate about is invaluable. If you are passionate about social justice, don’t let the fear of failure or hardships deter you from changing the world for the better.