Finding a job that suits your personality is one of life’s challenges. If you’re shy, you don’t want to be in PR, just like if you’re loud you would hate a job in a quiet office. But often, we don’t even realise what it is we’re looking for until it’s too late. In order to seek out jobs that suit your own personality, you need to have a good understanding of yourself. If you are in tune with what it is that drives you, and which conditions you work best in, then you’re already half way there. The next step is to narrow down professions that suit your personality. Reading the job descriptions also give out clues as to what kind of person is best suited to the job. So before you apply for the job of your nightmares, it’s time to figure out just where you and your personality belong…

The extroverted personalitypersonality

So you’re a loud, vivacious character? That generally means you don’t enjoy working alone, like a fun and busy office and love liaising with clients. You enjoy working in teams with equally as outrageous people, and will always have a good rapport with employers, colleagues and customers. So what jobs suit an extroverted personality best?

  • Public relations – you can persuade the best of clients, and that’s just what is needed in PR. This job requires an outgoing personality who is assertive, without being aggressive, and can approach difficult situations with strong control.
  • TV personality – you like to talk, you like people to listen, why not go for a job in the media? Every TV personality worth their grain in salt has a vibrant media presence. Whether it be reporting live news or making a joke on the fly, thinking on your feet is a crucial element that an extrovert will possess.
  • Restaurant host – or any other kind of host, for that matter. If you have an outgoing personality, there will be a job for you somewhere in hospitality. If you love a good chat with customers, and can handle difficult situations with ease, working as a maitre d, hotel manager or event planner will suit you perfectly. Hell, even a flight attendant would be fun, provided you can stand the altitude.

The introverted personality

If you’re someone with a more reserved personality, there are still a number of jobs for you. As an introverted personality, you tend to work best on your own, enjoy the solace of a silent office, and find meetings with more than 3 people somewhat overwhelming. There’s nothing shameful about being uncomfortable with confronting situations – it’s just who we are. See what jobs might suit you best…


  • Print media – or online media, are perfect for the creative introvert. You get to sit at a desk, creating content for websites, writing articles for magazines and researching interesting things to present people through the medium of print. If you love to write, or can manage some aspect of print media, this job is both rewarding and accessible.
  • Market research analyst – it might not sound very sexy, but this job is something many employers consider crucial. This job requires a lot of focus and independent research to discover what information is suited for where. If you are more than happy to sit in front of the computer solo for the day, then a bit of market research can be appealing after all.
  • Private investigator – now here’s a job for the introvert that sits outside the box. Aside from the occasional meetings with clients or employers, the job is mainly solitary. You’ll research data and uncover clues, using your sharp focus and desire to fly solo. It’s the perfect lone wolf career path.

Ultimately, the difference between extrovert and introvert isn’t what sets you apart. When it comes to employment, all it takes is a good understanding of yourself to find the type of job best suited to you. Based on the Myers-Briggs personality test, you can easily determine where your strengths lie. And with this knowledge, go forth, and find your mojo.

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