So you have an English degree, now what? Unless you’re planning on being the next Salman Rushdie or JK Rowling, a major in English doesn’t really lend itself easily finding Employment. You may be able to quote whole chunks of Keats or analyse the life out of a text but can you get a job with an English degree?

English jobs

Where far art thou fair English jobs?

Where far art thou fair English jobs?

Yes, but probably not the one you want. But while you churn out that thinly veiled autobiographical novel, here are some sort-of English-related jobs that’ll pay the gas bill:


Copywriting is where literature and marketing intersect. Or rather, it’s where your romantic ideals get steamrolled by the corporate machine. Just kidding. It involves generating text that is aimed at selling products. While it might sound dull, there is significant scope for creativity in copywriting. You have to use language in such a way as to evoke in the reader a desire for the product in question. It’s important to be descriptive and creative – it’s all about making words do what you want with them.


Every business that produces text needs an editor. You can edit for organisations whose main business is writing – for example, publishing houses and newspapers – or for those involved in other industries but nevertheless need editors for their blogs, newsletters and press releases. This is where your keen eye for grammar and syntax comes into its own. You can burn the midnight oil arguing the different functions of a semi-colon compared to an em dash. Riveting stuff!

Arts management

Although we’d all prefer to be the author talking at a literary festival than the person organising it, the latter is still pretty cool. In order to successfully orchestrate cultural events, you have to be familiar with culture. When artists and writers are involved, you need to be able to talk to them in an informed manner about their work. That’s where having an English degree comes in handy. If you are familiar with literature, you will be better able to promote it.

Good luck.

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