Many a young boy or girl has dreamed of being able to play with their favourite childhood toys forever. Living in the moment of a doll’s tea party or a racing car rally for eternity would be the epitome of bliss for many creative and playful young minds. Although these specific situations may not be a viable option, it is  highly feasible to pursue a career that is reminiscent of your most special childhood toys. Our interests as a youngster often translate to our greatest passions when we grow older, which is why it makes sense to want to chase a job that involves what your younger self found so fascinating. Here are some jobs that involve working with real-life version of popular childhood toys.


What kid doesn’t love connecting individual LEGO parts to create weird and wonderful worlds filled with colour and a never-ending scope for imaginative houses, cities or vehicles? The real-life equivalent of LEGO is a fairly obvious one, simply involving anything in the building industry. Clearly some people, like James May, take real life lego-building a bit to literally. Builders, landscapers, architects and engineers all have the possibility of switching fake building blocks for real ones by designing or creating actual houses, buildings or other construction works.

Toy Trucks – Industrial Trucks

toy truckTrucks are a timeless favourite when it comes to childhood toys – whether they be forklift/fire/tank/loading/tipping/mining/tow or any other form of toy truck. Dreaming of being in control of a machine and manipulating the gears and tools of a truck to your will is a childhood aspiration that kids certainly don’t have to lose. In the modern age, there are a plethora of industries that require the use of trucks and machinery. Mining, forestry, construction, pipeline/oil field construction, agriculture, marine, transportation, fisheries, and the commercial transport industry all utilise industrial machinery such as oil and gas  energy power systems. Our reliance on sustainable energy and continual construction in contemporary society, means that new and exciting Energy Power Systems are being created all the time, such as caterpillar compression power.

barbieBarbie  to Fashion Designer

If you loved devising avant garde outfits and looks for your Barbie as a child, harness your stylish and creative inclinations by using it for real-life fashion. Fashion is always a booming industry and anyone with enough passion and creative flair can easily make a successful career within the industry.

Stuffed animals to wildlife conservationist

stuffed koalaIf you had a soft spot for soft toys as a youngster, working to save animals later in life would be a logical career path to take.  As a soft toy fanatic myself, my love for Koala Karl and Elly the Echidna certainly instilled in me a passion for conserving and protecting our unique native Australian wildlife.

Making your childhood playtime last for longer is easy if you make the right career choices. Preserve your passion as a kid  and do your childhood toys proud by working as something that makes you feel like an overjoyed child forever. 

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