Whether you’re getting clucky but aren’t ready to have kids of your own, are fascinated with the complex and important processes of early development or simply loving working with the intriguing, hilarious and excitable creatures that are children, finding a job that involves working with children will provide an incredibly rewarding, enjoyable and satisfying career.

Key Traits of Someone Working With Children

One of the most important personality traits required of someone who wants to pursue a career working with children is patience. You must have a long fuse if your job involves dealing with little ones. Children have very short attention spans, getting bored easily and constantly needing to be entertained, meaning you need to learn to be patient with them if you are trying to teach them, talk with them or engage with them in some way.

Creativity is of course another essential attribute. Kids’ short attention spans means that you have to come up with creative, out-of-the-box ideas to occupy them and to maintain their focus. Coming up with new methods of engaging them often also requires a bit of risk-taking to try new things.

To keep up the constant hype and energy of youngsters, you must similarly have a high energy level so that you don’t get caught behind your infant clients/students/customers. Obviously have the drive to constantly keep up with them means you also need to have a strong passion for kids and helping them develop into the best they can be. Having a high level of physicality and humour as well as great communication skills also certainly wouldn’t go astray when working with children.

The Most Popular Jobs that Involve Working With Children

There are a range of jobs that involve working with children, with the most popular certainly being primary school teachers or child care workers. Caring for and educating children are some of the most essential aspects of their development and are crucial in ensuring the effective maturation of infants into skilled, knowledgable, capable and
responsible adults.

Sports coaching is another career that involves working with children and which is vital for their development. Learning sport and being active at a young age is imperative for any child and having the patience, energy and passion to teach them your sport of expertise is a difficult yet highly worthwhile task.

There are also a large number of fields that offer specialisation into kids. People in the medical profession can become paediatricians, social workers can become youth counselors, one can specialise in child psychology, psychiatry or nursing or even become a juvenile justice attorney.

Required Qualifications

Aside from the necessary education requirements one will need to pursue their career of choice, all professions that involve working with children require extra checks and qualifications. Some states require that workers attain a Blue Card, which generally involves conducting criminal background checks in Australia to prove they are able to safely work with children. You will also likely require first aid and CPR qualifications. Many companies or institutions will also demand an official Criminal History Record Check to more closely identify the reliability and trustworthiness of their staff. National Crime Check is the perfect place for an individual or company to go to to check for a clean criminal history that allows a potential staff member to safely work with children.

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