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Many people take for granted how frequently we visit beauty salons and how reliant we are on a huge range of beauty  products and services. From waxing to tanning, haircuts to massages, skin treatment to nail care, the beauty industry comprises of far more than simply makeup and botox. It provides essential services to us all, from the hair to the toe nail. The beauty industry is a staple web of business lines within the Australian economy and our heavy reliance on the products and services within it deem it a vital and booming sector for the nation.

With new beauty rituals emerging among the population, such as laser hair removal, or cosmetic surgery for males, the beauty industry caters for the needs of an ever increasing portion of the public. Its ability to adapt to new tastes and utilise advanced technologies also highlights the beauty industry’s superior ability to keep up with current trends and constantly serve people’s interest.

People are also turning more and more to holistic health and beauty options such as remedial massage or spa treatment.These services could be seen as an escape from our busy, technology-filled lives to provide some much needed me time. This emphasises that the beauty industry serves people in so many ways that are irrefutably crucial to their confidence, health and wellbeing. What other industry can engender such positive results by making you look, smell and feel so fantastic?

2013 Trends in the Beauty Industry

The continual (or even increasing) importance of products and services within the beauty industry has resulted in a projected global growth of 8.5% by 2014. This demonstrates a significant increase from the 2010 growth levels of 3.3%. This expansion can be attributed to more open and fluid international markets in beauty products and an increased range of products and services aimed at men.


ella bache franchiseSuch high levels of growth are indicative of the enduring nature of the beauty industry. They also highlight the value in starting a new beauty salon. Franchising is an effective business strategy at the best of times. In the beauty industry however, it is an even more pertinent and advantageous way of starting your own business. Rather than developing a business from scratch and bearing the incredible costs and stress involved, it makes much more sense to start your own business from an existing, successful brand.

The main franchise opportunities within the beauty industry are in the areas of hair care, cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, hair removal, nail or massage. Some companies, however, incorporate a wider variety of products and services into their brand simultaneously. Ella Bache Franchise is a great example of such a business, which is already thriving and which is constantly on the lookout for people to own an Ella Bache Skin Care Salon in Sydney.  With over 160 owned and operated salons in Australia, an incredibly strong hold on the national market and high-level business support from the professionals, you could comfortably have your own beauty salon up and running in the near future. Become a part of the thriving beauty industry and deliver essential skin and beauty products and services to Australians in the most sensible and profitable way: through a franchise.

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