The Internet hasn’t really been around for that long, and yet look at its popularity. Every man and his dog are online these days (yes, even the dogs), and if you want to keep up with industry competitors, you’ve got to be competitive yourself. Whether it’s a website, some social media presence, or just upping your competitive online marketing skills, your business benefits from using the Internet. The phone book is an outdated tool only used by your grandma, and if someone wants a service, they generally tend to ‘Google it’. What happens if someone is googling your business, and you’re not even online? It’s a fiercely competitive world out there, and if you want to get on top, the Internet is your friend. Everything you need to know about staying competitive online is right here – online, ironically. Don’t let your business fall behind the pack over the sake of a few Internet tricks.

Stay Competitive

competitiveSocial Media

Between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there are an infinite number of spaces online for you to promote your business. Facebook offers the facilities of business pages which your customers can ‘like’, not to mention gives you plenty of space to pump your business through statuses, offers, and available contact details. Posting photos of your business, happy customers or latest products works wonders for promoting your business as well. LinkedIn has been described as your online CV, where you post your qualifications, experience and skills. Here, other business magnates can connect with you and your services, vouch for your skills and share around your details. Twitter is one of the more entertaining forms of social media for your business. You can post photos and snappy slogans to entice customers and get your business trending. To keep competitive, it’s a good idea to have someone who manages all areas of your social media presence online.


Having a website is the epitome of an online business presence. This is where all your customers, both regular and potential, go to see what they can expect when employing your services. You can put all the important stuff – from what you offer to where you’re located – on your website, encouraging more people to consider your business. A website is like a portfolio that showcases your business, except that it’s accessible all over the world, by every single person with a computer and wifi. What better way to promote your business on the biggest and best scale possible?

eCommerce Marketing

competitiveSo you’ve got your website, your social media, and your business is looking good? But if you want to stay competitive, there are other ways to optimise your online presence. Userlicious is a competitive eCommerce company that works to optimise your search results and ensures your website reaches the right customers. Their impressive Conversion Rate Optimisation tool helps them to figure out why your website users might not be converting into sales. Then they fix it. Perfect, right? When it comes to all those technical terms like User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI), sometimes it helps to leave it to the experts.

When getting competitive, you and your business need to keep up with everyone else in the industry, and everyone else is online. From social media of all sorts, to fancy websites and data analysing gurus, an online presence is achievable if you know what you’re doing. And if you don’t, there’s always someone who does. Get your business competitive, and show the Internet who’s boss.

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