You might have thought the need for U.S. spy bases in Australia was a thing of the past? Satellites can now read the time on your watch from outer space, so what’s the necessity of having an actual base on the ground? I can’t answer that. But I can tell you they’re still here. And they’re still very secretive about what they do.

Lean Field Developments was brought in for a very sensitive job. AnAM-N-pinegap-20130720191450995852-300x0 American base needed to expand its buildings – for what no one knows – and they needed contractors to prepared the ground.

The problem was Lean Field needed to excavate the ground to a certain depth, according to certain parameters, but they were not given a plan. It doesn’t make sense does it? A constructions solutions company being brought in to grade and prepare the ground (and being held legally responsible for doing so) without being told what they are preparing it for.

To their credit, the American engineers were as forthcoming as they Lean Fieldcould possibly be. They were able to discuss the impact loads on various sections of the earth caused by the weight of whatever was contained in the building. They outlined the types of footings that would be necessary to stabilize this weight to prevent subsidence in the cement floor. And they were very, very careful about the access given to the workers.

This was, after all, a current working military base owned and operated by a foreign government. Yes, they are allies to Australia. No they are not subject to any Australian law. Even, so Lean Fields found out, Australian building law.

Lean Field Developments is an example of an Australian company used to working Lean field 1in the international market. Adaptability and discretion are the two key qualities necessary to survive. This is a company competing against all comers – the whole world. To make it here you’ve got to be good.

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