The Bellajinx Nightclub, in Melbourne, is a dark, sexy place. It’s all soft-violet nightclubwall-lights, gleaming surfaces, slim women and hungry men. Your pulse thumps with the music as soon you step inside. The air is filled with the heady fragrances of perfume and sweat and alcohol.

It was at the Bellajinx I met the pickup-artist M_ (No names, sorry). He was a big guy, affable, his eyes constantly moving. You could tell he was always thinking, always weighing. He was not at all the laser-eyed, lean image I had of a pickup-artist; but that shows you what I know about the subculture.

Marketing and Seduction

M_, curiously enough, worked in the IT industry, Inbound Marketing to be precise. As soon as he said this I switched off. In my opinion, markets are a part of life. For marketers the market IS their life. So, as far as I was concerned, we had nothing to talk about.

But I started listening again when M_ told me his pickup success was due entirely to 8113_330851067005389_422486138_astrategies he had learned from the superstars of Inbound Marketing – Lined Media.

“Outbound marketing,” he said, his eyes following a tall blonde woman in a backless red dress, “Is about raping the customer. Inbound marketing is about seducing them.”

I asked him to explain.

“Outbound marketing is stuff like cold calling, letter drops, radio and TV advertising. Businesses who use it don’t care about the mark; what they want or who they are. It’s the seduction equivalent of writing ‘For a good time call …’ on the wall of a girl’s toilet. It’s about attacking people and forcing yourself (or product) on them.”

“And inbound marketing is different?” I asked.

The blonde in the red dress was joined by a young man. M_ resumed scanning.

“Totally,” he said without pausing. “Inbound marketing is about picking your targets. Do you know what I mean by that?” his eyes rested on me for a moment. “Picking your tom-cruisetarget, in a market just like in a bar, means identifying a certain sort of person based on what they want. You see, half of the art of seduction is identifying the type of person who wants what you have to offer.”

He shifted his gaze to a stunning brunette in a tight blue dress. “It’s exactly the same in inbound marketing. Lined Media, are Tom Cruises of inbound marketing.” He smile to himself. “They’ve taught me a lot, though we work in vastly different areas.”stock-photo-beautiful-young-woman-dancing-in-the-nightclub-62953324

The brunette hunched over a green and white cocktail. She sipped it nervously through straw.

Lined Media and the Market

“Lined Media have the five laws of inbound marketing down pat,” M_ relaxed, sat up straighter and pointedly ignored the brunette. “Attract traffic, convert them into leads, convert leads into sales, turn one-time sales into repeat, higher-margin sales, and analyse for continuous improvement. It’s seduction pure and simple.”

The brunette peaked in our direction.

I was about to ask him how this helped him pickup girls, but he must have known the question was coming. “Attracting traffic means understanding what you have and what the girls’ are interested in. Converting them into leads is establishing that commonality. Converting leads into sales is making sure both parties get what they want from the relationship. Then, of course, you want the stronger ‘margins’ that come with repeat ‘business.’” He arched one eyebrow and looked at me askance. “Finally, analyse what worked, what didn’t, and what could be improved. The details vary from person to person just like they do from business to business. But everyone gets what they want. Everyone is happy.”

The brunette took a sip of her drink and looked over again.

M_ stood up, “And now,” he said with a smile, “I believe it’s time to put the process into action.” He sauntered towards the brunette; though he made sure to stop along the way, to chat and laugh with others, before approaching her.

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