Ohh my.. You want a professional Facebook do you?

Ohh my.. You want a professional Facebook do you?

Yes, I know. You already have a Facebook. Congratulations. A billion other people do too. As do 11 million Australians, which is more than half of us. And though you may know how to write a status that gets more than a hundred likes or share the latest meme posted by George Takei, it take a different set of skills to make a professional Facebook.

There are a couple options for making your profile a networking/job-attacting hub.

Going public

Firstly, you could flick the switch from private to public and make your profile viewable to the whole internet to see.

The obvious problem with this is that not everything you have on your Facebook you’d want your future employer seeing. Yes, you want people to be able to see your job history and your impeccable taste in music but some content is best kept under wraps. Those drunk pictures of you straddling a pole, for example: hilarious to your friends, not confidence-inspiring to bosses.

The upside however, is that it takes very little effort and seems personal and genuine.

Getting a page

The other option is using pages. Pages are different from profiles in that they usually represent brands and products opposed to people and they’re “liked” instead of “friended”. Making yourself a page may sound egotistical but it’s an incredibly effective way to get yourself out there.

You may, instead of making a page for you as a person, make a page for you as a service-provider. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, make it for your graphic design business instead of for your own person.

Another advantage of a page is analytics. They track exactly how many people view your page, where they found it and which posts they interacted with. A savvy page admin will use these stats to inform their content. For example, you can calibrate what sorts of posts work best at what times and to what audiences. Brilliant!

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