A new youth survey by service organisation Mission Australia has revealed that young people identify a good career as one of their top priorities. But, sadly, the data also indicated that many of those same people hold little-to-no hope of getting their dream job.

Fourteen thousand respondents, aged 15 to 19, participated in the annual survey, which attempts to gauge the mood and prospects of the nation’s youth. This year, for the first time, respondents were asked to discuss their aspirations and hopes for the future, and the results

According to the data, a whopping eighty seven percent of young Australians ranked ‘Achieving career success’ as their top priority in life. It’s not surprising, given the fact that many of Australia’s unemployed youth have studies and are often well adjusted people.

In addition to this revelation (or is it?), Mission Australia also sought more information from the usually icy generation. Financially independence regularly emerged as a top priority for young Australians, with 86 per cent of respondents noting that independence from the family home was ‘extremely or very important’.

Proving that their values align with those born in previous generations, seventy two percent of respondents stated that they aspired to own a home. But, funnily enough, seventy one percent thought it was very likely that they would eventually own their own home.

Call it youthful optimism or naiveté, but the survey results confirm what has rarely been said about younger Australians: they want the same things out of life as their older counterparts. Whether it’s a long-lasting career, or a solid family life, it seems that this generation is not immune to hard work and to committing to a long and fruitful life. Now it’s up to the employers to give them a shot.

Unfortunately, the mindset won’t remain positive forever. The survey also showed that fewer respondents believed in their ability to have a successful career; less than sixty percent of those interviewed said career success would be ‘extremely or very likely’. In the end, it’s a truly sad indictment of our society, and one which ignores the hopes, dreams and struggles of a marginalised generation.

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