‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse.’ But in the same breath any lawyer will tell you, ‘No one knows the law, we just know how to find out what it is.’

And yet we are still held legally accountable for our actions.

But the real kicker comes when the cost of litigation comes home. The legal industry is a byword for outrageous expense. And if you think the law is a murky, disorienting place then you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been lost in the maze of fees and costs associated with it.


In fact a much needed industry has sprung up to cater to just this Nexia Australia were one of the first businesses in Australia to offer litigation support. But don’t be fooled by the name. they aren’t there to hold your hand when the verdict is about to be announced. Oh no, they exist to advise you of the pitfalls and traps, the consequences and strategies for financially surviving litigation – no matter which side you are on.

For instance, one business was given faulty goods. The supply of these goods held up production and occasioned the loss of a substantial amount of income. The business owner decided to sue for loss f income and breach of contract.

Fortunately he had the sense to go to Nexia. Nexia couldn’t advise him on any legal issues; however they could advise him on the state of the company he was thinking of suing – and they were on the edge. Should our friend sue (as was his right) the defendant’s business would go bankrupt. The plaintiff would have to be faced with loss of income from the time spent in court rather than at the business, lawyers fees, court costs, and a dizzying raft of legal fees that only experts understand, but only if he won.

So, in this case the defendant couldn’t lose. If they get sued and win, they get to trade their way out of difficulty and perhaps have some grounds to counter-sue. If they get sued and lose they declare bankruptcy and walk away without paying a cent.

Nexia gave my friend some advice that was difficult to swallow. But it was good advice for all that.


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