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Whether you’re the boss giving out weekly bonuses, or you’re something like Miss Trunchbull out of the movie Matilda, we can always learn a few extra tips to being a nicer boss. Being a nicer boss by no means results in you giving away your authority and letting your staff walk all over you. But no one ever got hurt trying to be a nicer boss. So instead we’ve got the top tips on how to praise your staff when deserved, discipline without making enemies and create a respectful work environment. Because everyone wants their boss to be a nicer boss overall.

How to be a nicer boss

nicer bossDon’t yell or swear

As tempting as it might be to lose your cool with a bad employee, try to keep from exploding. There are ways to handle difficult employees, and they don’t involve shouting, screaming or waving your arms around angrily. Instead, (calmly) call your employee into your office, and sit them down for a chat. Explain that you have a few issues you’d like to raise with them, and see what they have to say. They might be having a home life crisis, or might not even realise they’re making a mistake. By giving your employees another chance to prove themselves, you’ll earn more respect in the long run.

Lead by example

Leading by example is the best way to demonstrate what kind of business you want to manage. If your employees see you cruising into work late, with a hangover and a bad attitude, don’t be surprised when they all do the same. Act respectfully, work diligently, and reward accordingly. You’ll have the rep of a nicer boss in no time! It also gives your employees something higher to strive for, when they see how far you’ve come in your own career.

nicer boss

Encourage your staff

When your employees do amazing things, a simple pat on the back can be wonderful, but it doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes, it pays to formally acknowledge the hard work of an employee, the risks that paid off, or the extra hours they put in. When you work hard to achieve a goal, it’s a fantastic sense of gratitude that comes from being acknowledged. It doesn’t take much, but it really makes a difference. At the end of the year, a great idea can be to combine your work Christmas party with a mini awards ceremony, paying tribute to the top employees of the year. Corporate Gifts and Employee Awards from Sydney are a great way to show your appreciation for promising employees. Noble Awards Sydney provide quality trophies, awards, plaques and gifts to reward and recognise achievements. And nothing beats a bit of a reward.

Shake things up

nicer bossDoing something fun and different with your staff is a great way to keep a light-hearted relationship with your employees, not to mention being a nicer boss. Forming a staff football team create stronger bonds and team building exercises with colleagues. If your team want to get involved in a touch-football competition, a fun way to end the season could be to have a celebratory dinner where you give out awards to the best team players. Giving out Employee Glass Awards from Sydney like the ones Noble Awards supplies can be an innovative way to reward office-worthy skills demonstrated on the football field. Your staff will also appreciate seeing your laidback side as you play some friendly football games.

Being a nicer boss is something every employer strives for. To be appreciated, admired and thought of highly is a great achievement for any boss, but it also comes down to how you treat your employees. Dealing with conflict calmly, leading by example, and forging a strong team in new and fun ways all give you credibility as a nicer boss, and make your office environment better overall. Be a nicer boss, and make your office one of a kind – the success will speak for itself.

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