Not many people know this: I used to be a pizza delivery driver. Granted, it wasn’t the most glamorous of professions, but it certainly had its interesting side. For, you see, the humble delivery driver often gets to see more than he or she should. It can be quite an education.

I can’t speak for other drivers, but one of my most regular call-outs, when I was a young driver, was to the Red Door Agency in Sydney.

92The Red Door Agency is high-end escort agency and brothel in the heart of Sydney. ‘Elite Adult Escort Services in Sydney,’ is what they promise. And from the crowds I saw there they must deliver.  On busy nights, while the guys were waiting for the girls, I’d often be called to deliver the clients pizzas. Then, towards the end of the shift I’d be called back to deliver to the hungry, tired girls. To begin with it was somewhat surreal, then it became educational, in the end it was just another delivery.

The first thing I learned was that everything I’d been told about this profession, and the stigma surrounding it, was wrong.

Fiction and Fact

Ficition: I was told it was only dirty old men who visited places like the Red Door Agency.

Fact: In all my years of delivery all I saw were horny young men.

Fiction: The girls working in establishments like this are poor, ignorant, unscrupulous slatterns.

Fact: Most of the girls I got to know were putting themselves through University by working over the summer breaks. I don’t know who you are reading this, but I’d be willing to bet all those girls earned more than you do now. And those girls were looked after exceedingly well.

Fiction: Selling yourself is immoral.

Fact: We all sell ourselves. If you work, you sell yourself. It’s as simple as that. ‘But you’re touching someone.’ So do masseuses, beauty therapists and physiotherapists. ‘But they have to engage in sex.’ Those girls didn’t HAVE to do anything. They had the right to refuse any customer for any reason.

Fiction: Using euphemistic phrases like, ‘Sensual Massage Escort Services in Sydney’ only shows these girls are ashamed of what they do.

Fact: These clumsy phrases exist so as to not offend the prudes in society. Most of whom probably oppose this industry, and the people in it, because of some deep-seated jealousy.104

The Red Door and Real Life

All women (and all men) are at the height of their physical attractiveness between 18 and 25 years of age. The girls I spoke to, at the Red Door, had decided to cash in on that opportunity. Many of the girls set themselves up for life with the money they earned. Many of the girls told me stories of really being able to help guys with poor self-esteem and introversion. All of the girls revealed that the guys who visited them were just guys: Guys from all walks of life, backgrounds and statuses; good guys, bad guys, married guys, single guys, popular and lonely guys.

The one thing they all had in common, though, was their desire for a special experience.

‘And who could blame them?’ said Trixie (one of the girls I came to know through my deliveries). ‘Life is just a series of experiences you have before you die. Why not make those experiences wonderful?’

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