In every office, whether you’re a big company or small team, there is potential for an emergency to occur. And it usually isn’t until faced with these emergency situations that we realise what needs to be done to manage it. Being prepared for an emergency in the office is something that might not seem like a top priority, but should undoubtedly be organised. When it comes to the your employees, safety is of the upmost importance. Between office productivity and Occupational Health and Safety requirements, there are a number of factors that should be considered in order to make sure your business is prepped for an emergency. If you’re wondering where to start with emergency procedures in your office, don’t stress. We’ve listed the top emergency tools and techniques you’ll want for the office when disaster strikes.

Get your office emergency-ready


First Aid Kit

Every office should have one, and yet not every office does. Imagine Sue from Accounting accidentally staples her finger, or Peter the cleaner slips and cuts his leg. While everyone else is frantically calling ‘000’ and trying to remember who is trained in first aid, you can grab the first aid kit, swoop in, and save the day. First aid kits usually contain everything from Panadol and bandaids, to bandages and emergency EpiPens, and no office should ever be without one.

Data Backup Procedures

Losing some or all of your business data may have devastating consequences. Creating a back-up of your data is a sensible and easy way to ensure that in the event of a fire, computer theft or virus infection you can recover all of your business information from your computer or website quickly and easily. Make regular backups of critical data and programs on your computer. Store the backup disks in secure offsite storage. In addition, install and use security software including a firewall and anti-virus and anti-spyware software to insure the office of an IT emergency.



Having a generator, either in the office or on hand, is an important consideration in the event of a power outage. Your business relies on productive work, and if there’s no power, business will undoubtedly suffer. You can Rent a Caterpillar Diesel Generator in Australia, which are available for hire 24/7. In the event of a power emergency where you need to get the office back on track as soon as possible, Energy Power Systems are on hand to help you out. When it comes to an emergency of productivity and power outage, hire a generator in Australia, and make sure your office doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.


No matter what happens in the office, or what kind of emergency arises, insurance is a must. In the event of a fire wiping out your whole infrastructure, or theft seeing a loss of valuable equipment, insurance will protect your finances and your ability to keep working. When the going gets tough, at least you can rely on your company insurance policy to help you get back on track.

An office emergency is no laughing matter. When it comes to unprecedented circumstances, you need to be prepared so that you and your employees don’t lose everything. Whether it’s backing up your data or stocking up the first aid kit, it’s important to keep your office on top of everything for an emergency. These tools are vital to ensure your office is prepped for any emergency that may arise, and when and if it does, you’ll be thankful you thought ahead.

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