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It seems that everyone with a Pass in Year 2 English is a professional blogger these days. People write about their work, their lunch and their quips with public transport. But the thing is, to become more than just a ‘backyard blogger’, with more than ten followers and five blog posts to their name, it takes something special. You’ve got to have that drive, that enthusiasm for being a professional blogger with an area of interest, your own personalised voice, and quality content that makes people want to read more. I’ve had a lot of experience working with professional blogger and website gurus, and exclusive words of wisdom have been shared with me. To become a professional blogger, you need to know and actually do a few things to make it happen. If it’s something you truly can see yourself doing, then it’s definitely worth a shot!

So you want to be a professional blogger…

It’s a hobby, not a job.

Being a professional blogger has to become your full-time job. There can be no ‘I’ll-blog-when-I-feel-like-it’ attitude; it has to be serious. If you want to be a professional blogger you need a reason, a plan, a strategy and a blueprint. From day one take yourself seriously and treat your blog like a business. Set a time to start, sit down at your desk, and actually start. Have a list of things you’d like to accomplish that day, and make sure you work until you achieve them. Content is king, so the more you sit down and practice writing, the closer you’ll get to becoming a professional blogger.

professional bloggerWrite good stuff.

Content is the biggest hurdle you’ll come across when trying to be a professional blogger. In order to draw readers in, and keep them coming back, your blog needs to speak to a broad range of users, and compel them to share and talk about your site. It will take a long time to get to the stage where you’ll have a decent amount of followers and views, but consistently good content that has wit, creativity and is relatable will get you there in the end. If you want a realistic approach to how to write about your life, Penelope Trunk has a few tips and honest opinions. Despite everyone telling you otherwise, you can find interesting elements of your life that others will want to read. To be a professional blogger, you need to write everywhere. Write on the train, scribble notes in restaurants, jot down ideas during TV shows. Find your inspiration and don’t let it go.

The patience of a saint.

“Professional blogger” is a hard career to succeed at. It can take years before your blog takes off, and sadly, most blogs don’t even make it this far. You invest a lot of sweat and time to grow your audience. Once you have a certain number of followers and engagement, you will start to receive more and more emails and invitations. It’s about building a strong and sustainable brand! Create a roadmap and set goals, so that you know where you’re taking your blog, why and how.

Stick to your strengths.

professional bloggerIf your strengths include optimising SEO, link building and SEM, then congratulations. But if you’re reading those terms and scratching your head, you might need a bit of extra help. You can be the most creative genius in the online world, but without a few tricks to help boost your presence online, you can pretty much kiss this career goodbye. It’s important to find an inbound marketing agency in Sydney,  inbound marketing in Melbourne, or link building gurus wherever you find yourself blogging. The essential knowledge that companies like Lined Media can offer you will be one of the best investments you make in your career as a professional blogger.

Blogging as a professional is an insanely hard career choice, and you’ll often be reminded that it’s not a very good one. But if you can commit to this lifestyle of working hard for no money and non-existent audiences for a few years until people start actually taking notice, then go your hardest! Victor Pride has a stellar list of ways to become a professional blogger, and after reading this, you realise how much dedication you actually need. Stick to your guns, write what you know, and don’t give up just because nothing is happening. Eventually, if your blog is good, you’ll make it work. Only then will you truly appreciate the end product of your blog.

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