One of the most import documents that you will ever compile is your resume. It is the first thing an employer sees when considering you as an employee, and is the source of all opinion in the crucial early stages. Having an attractive, well set out resume can greatly increase your chance of being offered an interview. Unfortunately, however, there are plenty of critical mistakes that get made regularly. Here are a few resume mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Name not clear

Your name should be the one thing that stands out at the top of your resume. Make sure it’s in a large, bold, clear font. Ensure that the person reading it will not forget it.

Too many personal details 

Things like religious background, family and living arrangements should be left out. These are not important when job hunting. Resumes should be succinct – avoid dribble as much as possible.


Stating too many personal attributes is a resume mistake that gets made too often. Frequently you will see paragraph after paragraph of things like “I am a honest, hardworking team player” – leave these out. Yes, you definitely need to show these attributes in your resume, but do this through examples of work you have done and your references.

Poor Career Objectives 

Make sure your career objective is clear. If this section is poorly written, it can work against you. Try and be as accurate as you can, without making you seem boring or lethargic. Ambition is a very attractive quality and showing it effectively will do you good. Just don’t be too outlandish!

Lackluster Opening

Try and make your first page interesting and captivating. The first page is the most important as it may in some cases be the only page that is read. Don’t waste space on anything that may not be 100% trying to sell your position.

An effective resume may take months, or even years to compile. By avoiding some of these resume mistakes, you’ll go a long way to taking your resume to another level.


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