If you’re a bit of a risk taker and want to have an exciting job that involves some form of danger, here is a list of some of the most dangerous or riskiest jobs that will ensure your career us one of the more exhilarating ones out there. In random order here are some of the riskiest jobs you could undertake, some of which are probably more dangerous than you may have originally believed.

1. Atomic Power and Chemical Plant worker

Dealing with dangerous and toxic chemicals is clearly a high-risk profession as exposure to such toxins is never good for your health. However, to minimise health risks in the case of unwanted spills, you should look into chemical spill kits Australia in order to lessen the harm done to your body and equipment.

2. War Correspondent

Being placed in the centre of a war and trying to investigate the intricate goings on of people involved in war zones also places war correspondents in the centre of the danger.

3. Industrial Machinery Maintenance Worker

Working with any form of heavy machinery designed to bend metal are obviously huge risks for maintenance workers, whose flesh is a lot softer. They also must work from dizzying heights, that increase the risks involved in their job.

4. Offshore Oil Rigger

The difficult hours, explosive material and heavy machinery involved in off shore oil rigging mean that it definitely makes the list of one of the riskiest jobs. If you experience a oil spill, regardless of how large it may be, in order to protect the workers and the environment, you should ensure you use oil only and emergency spill kits in Australia to clean up the mess seamlessly and immediately.

5. Refuse Collector/Garbage Man

Although usually bypassed as a dangerous profession the garbage man actually undergoes large risks in their day to day job of managing and operating large vehicles and heavy machinery.

6. Logger

Another one of the riskiest jobs on account of its involvement with large and dangerous machinery is logging. Machine designed to chop huge trees down, and the general process of chopping huge trees down exposes loggers to all kinds of extremely vulnerable situations.

7. Coal Miner

Being underground for long periods of time and being exposed to high proportions of methane and possible explosions thanks to falling rocks that cause sparks easily categories coal mining and one of the riskiest jobs.

8. Construction Worker

Construction workers once again work with heavy machinery, can work from great heights or on busy highways and use dangerous tools and hazardous materials. To lessen the risks of both coal miners and construction workers, Spill Kits Direct safely and expediently remove any toxic or unwanted waste from anywhere in Australia, eradicating not only your spilt chemicals, oils or general workshop liquids, but also your stress and your environmental footprint.

9. Farmers

Another somewhat surprising profession on the list, farmers actually have huge risks of being crushed by balers, run over by livestock, trapped inside silos or being exposed to toxic chemicals.

10. Fisher

After thinking about it, you also realise that fishing is a dangerous career to pursue due to its potentially horrendous weather exposure, risk of capsizing and drowning, and of course the difficulty in manoeuvring complex and hazardous equipment.

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