save energyBusinesses are easily the heaviest contributors to the country’s carbon footprint. With so many lights, air conditioners, computers and more, corporate buildings are like giant energy vacuums thanks to the enormous amount of power they suck up. This means it is all the more important for businesses to have a larger environmental conscience and develop more effective methods to save energy in the workplace.

There are so many ways businesses can easily save prodigious amounts of energy simply by making a few changes and installing a few energy saving products. In order for Australia to become a pioneer in the green movement it it vital that big businesses become serious about pledging to save energy and reducing their carbon consumption. Power and lighting energy reduction in Sydney, Australia needs to become a priority in all major industries and businesses for us to be able to make even a slight dent in reducing our environmental impact.

Here a few ways you can save energy and money in your workplace.

Small Changes

  • Turn off computers, lights, printers, monitors, copiers at the end of each working day
  • Use recycled paper and print double sided
  • Use email instead of sending memos
  • Use laptop computers where possible (they use 90% less energy than desktop computers)
  • Use Inkjet printers (they consume 90% less energy than laser printers
  • Clean dusty lamps and lights every 6-12 months


  • Replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights and have dimmers so you can adjust the light intensity
  • Install reflectors and sun lights to reduce the amount of lights
  • Use low-energy LED exit signs
  • Ventilate rooms overnight to limit air conditioning during the day
  • Keep room temperature at 18ºC during Winter and 25ºC during Summer
  • Install motion sensors to automatically turn off lights and equipment in rooms not being used
  • Replace heating systems with new energy efficient systems
  • Instal wall and ceiling insulation
  • Position the fridge in a well-ventilated area away from sunlight
  • Invest in solar power

Get Help

You can’t think of every method you could employ to save energy in your workplace. Seeking professional eniscope monitoring in Sydney, Australia is the ideal way to receive expert, tailored advice of the best ways to dramatically reduce the energy consumption of your business. Energy Cost Attack conduct thorough and extensive checks of any home or business to determine what can be done to reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing energy needs to be done properly and rather than attempting to do all your own research and go to the trouble of sourcing your own energy efficient products, make the task simpler and swifter by simply letting the experts take care of it.