We’ve all heard it plenty of times before – all the jobs in the 21st Century involve computers, the web and digital technology; make sure you become tech savvy and digitally literate if you want financial security; engage in social media and blogging if you want to secure yourself a job so forth and so on. As accurate as these well-known sayings are, they seem to forego one fateful factor – what if you don’t like computers or want to work with technology?

Yes it’s true that you should be at least somewhat computer literate for any job in the digital age and almost ¬†any profession will have to work with computers at some stage – yet some jobs require sitting in front of a computer for longer periods of time than others. If you’ve never envisioned yourself with a 9 to 5 office job staring and sitting in front of a computer screen all day long, never fear, there are still booming jobs out there that don’t have this in the job description.


One of the most popular money-making industries that doesn’t usually just involve sitting in front of a computer is health. Health professionals most often are engaging and interacting with patients and actively working to improve their health. Some of the highest paid jobs in 2012 were dentists, nurses, GPs, veterinarians, physical therapists, psychologists, counsellors and pharmacists.


If you love to quite literally get your hands dirty, then labouring could be the field for you. Plumbing, carpentering, cabinetmaking and building are all very large industries with plenty of jobs in them and also plenty of money.


Although they may not have as high a salary as computer systems analysts, working outdoors can often lead to a more rewarding and satisfying career. Whether you be a farmer, bushwalking or white water rafting tour guide, surveyor, botanist or geologist you can easily make your passion become your career. Some other more recently booming outdoor jobs that will ensure financial stability are environmental engineers or landscape architects.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the jobs that don’t involve sitting in front of a computer screen, however, there are many more options out there if you’re not all that digitally inclined. Just to name a few more, there are also primary school teachers, professional athletes, actors, entertainers,¬†emergency services workers (firemen, police officers), event planners and mechanics.

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