skin therapistSkin therapy is a popular branch of beauty therapy that provides a rewarding career for those interested in the complex processes of the largest organ in our bodies – our skin. Our skin is one of the most important organs in our body, not only because it is the largest, but also because as the outer layer of protection of our bodies, it takes a rather large beating from our everyday goings on. The skin is highly susceptible to illness, unappealing marks and blotches, burns, blisters and a whole lot more. For this reason, it is vital that we all take great care of our skin. Inevitably though, we will all most likely encounter either cosmetic or dermatological problems with our skin at one time or another throughout our lifetime. Therein lies the important role of skin therapists.

Why is Skin Important?

Skin is the largest organ of our body which provides immediate protection of our body from external environmental factors. It defends environmental assaults and safeguards us from extreme temperatures. Skin has very complex mechanisms that protect us from cuts or scratches and it continually renewing itself so that it can constantly perform all of these incredibly important jobs. Skin essentially keeps the good stuff in our body (like blood) in and the bad stuff (toxins) out. Therefore, if something is wrong with your skin, it is essential that you consult a professional.

What Do Skin Therapists Do?

Skin therapists are highly trained beauty therapists that prescribe skin treatments and products that ensure your skin is doing the work it needs to do. Skin therapists carry out detailed skin analyses to diagnose problems and treat them accordingly. Skin therapists also provide advice and consultation for clients and refer them to further professionals for more specialised advice.

How Do you Become a Skin Therapist?

The easiest way to become a professional skin therapist is to attend a college of skin therapy in Sydney, Australia. You could conduct either a diploma or certificate depending on the level of expertise you want to reach and the length you want to study for. Generally, study will last for about 12 months and involve a range of theory and hands-on practical experience in the area of skin therapy. To start off with register for beauty therapy courses in Sydney, Australia and you begin your comprehensive and acknowledged course as early as next year. If the important and exciting field of skin therapy sounds like music to your ears, now is the perfect time to apply for study options in 2014. For a worthwhile and challenging career check out the esteemed Ella Bache College of Skin & Beauty Therapy today.

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